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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Feb 12

Sharia Law? There’s an app for that Apple Store helps Saudi ‘enforce gender apartheid’ by offering an app that • allows men to track women • report them to the govt • put them on travel ban stop them leaving the country But they banned InfoWars news

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Libs outnumber Conservatives in only 6 states It’s why they’re desperate to destroy # ElectoralCollege Most statewide elections are dominated by 1 or 2 mega-cities Without Electoral College, we will be dominated nationally by a handful of cities

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Was @ BuzzFeed concerned about monetized pedophile videos on @ YouTube ? Did YouTube/Buzzfeed care about # opioidcrisis being monetized? Does Buzzfeed want some of that # BigPharma money going to cable news? Purge info/debate, push poison # VaxFactsFebruary

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Karen Knight ‏ @ KDKThreadz Feb 21


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Karen Knight ‏ @ KDKThreadz Feb 19


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Sorry # BernieSanders , you’re ideas are not a revolution, just revolting He never learned from East/West Germany or North/South Korea — same people, different systems # SocialismKills & all it requires is an army of youthful idiots who don’t know history

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Gabe Gigout’s parents were told to abort him, that would have no legs, no arms & would likely not survive He has had nearly 50 operations and is in a wheelchair but he is also 3 times WORLD powerlift champion—against able-bodied competitors He joined me:

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We keep hearing—even at FOX news—that no President has ever used an executive order to do what Congress wouldn’t fund FLASHBACK: WHEN OBAMA OVERRODE CONGRESS WITH EXECUTIVE ORDER

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they forgot to add that he’ll be organizing sports…especially catch

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I’ve been back on for a couple weeks🤔

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:x: @ Adamsbomb

Replying to @ libertytarian

David, I hope you are doing well (glad to your wife is as well) but when are you coming back on air?

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No one has even read the final bill “No one has seen the final wording of a long and complicated bill we will be expected to vote on tomorrow evening,” Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris “Pass it to find out what’s in it” https://dailycaller.com/2019/02/13/house-vote-spending-bill-read/ …

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Where’s Yo Dolla @ tokm

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3.28.18 Trump declares he will never sign an Omnibus like this again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GyCj3wcgLQ

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SO TRUE 😂 I have a border collie

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I knew 2 weeks ago that the # Empire attack was more Tawana Brawley than brawl @ AOC , Occasional-Cortex, jumped on it immediately as evidence of the racism & hate of people SHE hates Time has proven it’s more lies, # FakeNews & # conspiracytheories of the left & MSM

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David Knight @ libertytarian

She was all in on the # Empire actor claimed “attack” but on # Northam “coonman”/“klansman” pic, crickets from Occasional-Cortez…

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I’m sure there’s no bias and “right leaning” people are just paranoid conspiracy theorists I haven’t noticed any double standards. Have you?😂

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Carrie J Perrell @ PerrellCarrie

Replying to @ libertytarian @ Twitter

I want to know whether it’s true that it only happened to right leaning posts.

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Well, it’s # Valentines and while I was never married to @ Twitter , I now learn they’ve been breaking my “engagement” to others Perhaps one day we’ll get an explanation as to why my tweets are being deleted, not just # shadowbanned 🤔

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When women are treated as chattel slaves, what’s a Sharia society to do? There’s an app for that Is it called “Handmaid’s TAIL”? Feminists turn a blind eye like Apple Yet InfoWars news apps were banned

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National Debt is now $22 TRILLION $22,000,000,000,000 Did we overspend by $11 BILLION a year for the last 2,000 years? No It increased by 10% in just the last TWO years And America is like bring it on with # GND

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# ElPaso SHOWDOWN: Alpha-male TRUMP vs BETO-MALE # ElPasoRally

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Yum…😋 She’s amazing

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Karen Knight @ KDKThreadz

RATATOUILLE ❤️ Made with LOVE by our sweet daughter ❤️❤️ @ libertytarian

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EU = FIFTH REICH even a globalist mouthpiece newspaper can’t avoid the obvious comparison of the EU to the Nazis I connect the dots between the Nazis, Bilderberg & EU Soros is worried but sees hope for the EU & world government in the “Green” movement

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😂 more than a statue — it MOVES and Italy is moving out of the EU

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NO COLLUSION @ dantakesit

Replying to @ libertytarian


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ITALY HAILS TRUMP AS “ # WARHAMMER ” AGAINST GLOBALISM as Salvini proposes shutting down the Italian Central Bank & taking their gold & Macron recalls his ambassador to Italy (check out the details on the float showing Trump’s vanquished enemies) # EU


David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian 7h7 hours ago

So @ Jack took # AlexJones off @ Twitter b/c he “bullied” Rubio But Rubio can bully & threatened a country with a horrific regime-change, like Libya and—crickets I’d be a conspiracy theorist to suggest Atlantic Council, NATO & MIC are behind censorship http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2019/february/24/rubio-tells-maduro-he-will-end-up-like-gaddafi/ …

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VINI, VENE, ZUELA: We Came, We Saw, He Died How long will we let them use our blood & treasure for their regime-change wars? Join me today, LIVE 9am EST, as Rubio becomes Hillary

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He misspelled “FARCE” but Ocasio as a comic is about right

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Josh Blaylock @ joshblaylock

Uh oh, did a thing again! Please share! My celebration of @ AOC & the diverse new congress, from @ devilsdue . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Freshman Force #1(of 1). Featuring work by, @ deanhaspiel @ thejillthompson

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David Knight should call this Alexandria Acasio-Cortez - Bat Shit Crazy. Heaven help all the kids who buy into her gun powder making material.


David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian 5h5 hours ago

# Reparations are no longer being talked about only by radical Marxists in # SouthAfrica but now by the leading Dem candidates But do all white people have slave-owning ancestors? Do all black people have ancestors who were slaves? # DemocratsHateAmerica

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Jorge Ramos had his work & videos confiscated & was DEPORTED when Maduro didn’t want the truth about his failed policies shown — it’s a dictator thing How is this different from what was done to # Infowars by social media & YouTube? It isn’t WATCH:


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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Feb 25

So @ Jack took # AlexJones off @ Twitter b/c he “bullied” Rubio But Rubio can bully & threatened a country with a horrific regime-change, like Libya and—crickets I’d be a conspiracy theorist to suggest Atlantic Council, NATO & MIC are behind censorship http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2019/february/24/rubio-tells-maduro-he-will-end-up-like-gaddafi/ …

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Remember when John Edwards used DONOR money to pay off mistress —FEC said “no crime” & fined him $2.3M? Or Obama’s $375k FEC fine? Yet @ robreiner meathead says Cohen gave “hard evidence” Trump committed “Federal Crimes” Congress looks like Hollywood Squares 😂 # CohenHearing

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They still will allow batteries in computers & phones that are carry-on You can’t remove the battery from an iPhone They are so concerned about shipping batteries that they’re only allowed on cargo planes and then with only 30% charge Yet EV car fires more likely & dangerous

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Dualistic Monist

:star: :star: :star: :us:

:fr: @ dualisticmonis1

Replying to @ libertytarian @ bitchute

I tried to ship a package through the USPS but it had a battery in it. They said, “The battery can’t go on the plane.” I said, “But people brings laptops and phones on planes all the time.”…

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The same govt that subsidizes & pushes electric cars on the public (while incrementally banning internal combustion engines) is BANNING lithium-ion batteries from passenger planes b/c hazardous There’s an agenda behind the hypocrisy

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Forget farting cows & meat, environmentalists won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed civilization including wiping out toilet paper —butt we will fight them to the very end

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Media is in a frenzy about the # measles “epidemic” in US, using bogus statistics from countries like Madagascar to try & create panic & mandates But they never report on the thousands of kids who go missing every year in the govt foster care system # CPS

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You’re exactly right But as HL Mencken said, “an election is an advance auction of stolen goods”

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Not1word @ Not1word1

Replying to @ Jay70039026 @ libertytarian

Every race has had misdeeds done to it at some point in history. Only the individuals specifically wronged might be eligible for relief, and that only from the ones doing the actual harm.

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Exactly We should pin the Democrat demagogues down on the specifics of “reparations”

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Joan Massey @ joshofar

Replying to @ libertytarian @ Rebelsoldier29

And what about the Blacks who were slave owners too? Not as common as white slave owners certainly, but it happened nonetheless. What about the white Irish that were kept as slaves?…

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Obama FEC violations $375k fine, Trump? Meathead says a “crime” You’d think Dems (& Federal govt) would prosecute the worst violations of national security, but we’ll continue to worship at altar of national security, sacrificing our liberty & privacy, and Hillary will go free

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Rob Reiner Verified account @ robreiner

Americans would hope that federally elected officials when presented with hard evidence that The President Of The United States committed Federal Crimes, would react with shock. Sadly the GOP cult has no problem with Presidential Criminality. Democracy is on the line.

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Epidemic of fearmongering to create fear & manufacture # vaccine consent You should question why # Vaxxed # InformedConsent

5:11 PM - 2 Mar 2019


David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian 2h2 hours ago

Looks like # AOC Chief of Staff Chakrabarti was chowing down on more than fat burgers — FEC complaint filed today says he ran a slush fund, shoveling $1M to his 2 companies Maybe we should call him “sloppy joe” You want fries with that farting cow?

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Now They Want to Ban TOILET PAPER —We Will Fight to the BITTER END😳 Sears catalog is gone and there’s no backup plan # GND 's dirty secret

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David Knight Retweeted matt cannon

If # vaccines work, it’s nobody’s business what you do If true, I guess he has a problem w INFORMED CONSENT Not much respect for that today in Amerika Should we do concentration camps & void the Nuremberg Code? — oh wait, it’s just a damn piece of paper like the Constitution

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matt cannon @ tolkus53_matt

Replying to @ libertytarian

Dr Savage was annoyed with anti- vaccers the other day. Ask him on. Good debate ; improvement with ratings.

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Ian McKellen’s comments, the trials of Pell & Epstein, delusional MJ fans who refuse to acknowledge physical evidence🙈, & the idea that pre-pubescent kids can decide their gender all indicate we’re # LeavingNeverland & entering a Brave New Pedophile World


David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian 9h9 hours ago

David Knight Retweeted POTUS Toad Sage

I’m behind the idea of moving hemp from Schedule 1 to #2

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POTUS Toad Sage @ AlphaSoupNotSee

Replying to @ libertytarian

Screw Canada! It’s a good thing President trump opened up the farming of HEMP and HEMP can be made into toilet paper!…

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David Knight Retweeted John L

Change the acronym to WIPO…best use for the Washington Post Alternatively, use the Atlanta Urinal & Constipation

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John L @ JdLund81

Replying to @ libertytarian

WAPO or Time mag would work.

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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Mar 7

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Thanks for asking I’ll be hosting the Alex Jones show LIVE today at noon EST My show is a rebroadcast today & tomorrow You can find me today (and tomorrow) at https://www.infowars.com/watch-alex-jones-show/ …

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:v: @ Spacefo01064689

Replying to @ libertytarian

Are you live today? Getting a rebroadcast on tunein.

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Does # MeTo movement care? There is so much rape going on at the southern US border that every migrant girl over the age of 10 is given a pregnancy test after arriving in the United States I don’t speak Spanish but would Dems support “Yo también”?

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I marveled at the Marvel Matriarchy (Disney actually) over 2 weeks ago There’s something deeper than SJW feminism going on in the genre Superheroes are selling # Transhumanism # AlitaChallenge # CaptainMarvel

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WikiLeaks ‏Verified account @ wikileaks Mar 4

FULL DOC: Trump motion to dismiss ‘Russiagate’ case filed by DNC

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If he had only had a couple of pop-tune hits, all would be forgiven & hoards of fans would defend him on Twitter # LeavingNeverland

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:uk:london @ LTHlondon

Man who filmed himself raping baby and sexually assaulting toddler jailed https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/depraved-paedophile-filmed-himself-raping-15923927?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar … 31-year-old Tashan Gallagher, from Wigan, has been jailed for 15 years.…

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Clapper still lyin about illegal, unconstitutional, dragnet surveillance Even Michael Hayden admitted it was lie…said shame on Wyden for exposing it Congress never came after him for perjury BTW, NSA was authorized by Truman executive order…end THAT

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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Mar 4

Looks like # AOC Chief of Staff Chakrabarti was chowing down on more than fat burgers — FEC complaint filed today says he ran a slush fund, shoveling $1M to his 2 companies Maybe we should call him “sloppy joe” You want fries with that farting cow?


David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian 7h7 hours ago

David Knight Retweeted Council on Foreign Relations

😂 CFR praising NAFTA & trade deficits — and why not? They go together CFR is the hidden hand of the center of the swamp — Foggy Bottom a.k.a. the State Dept

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Council on Foreign Relations Verified account @ CFR_org

Trump has made reducing the trade deficit a priority of his administration. But are trade deficits actually all that bad? https://on.cfr.org/2F1tZlw

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Emerald Robinson ‏ @ EmeraldRobinson Mar 12

Do we have a meritocracy in America? We do not. The 2021 Class at Harvard is 30% legacies (meaning: their parents attended). And 12% are international students stealing a place from Americans. Don’t forget sports scholarships. Probably 60% of any Harvard class is counterfeit.

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Colbert is an even bigger shill for the WAR Party than he is for the Democrat Party Court Jester for the military industrial complex @ StephenAtHome

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Caitlin Johnstone

:hourglass_flowing_sand: @ caitoz

Colbert Smears Tulsi Gabbard To Her Face While Telling Zero Jokes “Colbert’s show is blatant propaganda for human livestock, and the fact that this is what American ‘comedy’ shows look like now is nauseating.” …

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# Reparations are being talked about by all the major # Dems running for president but no specifics b/c it’s pure demagoguery But Castro takes # Bernie to task for not wanting to write a check (like EVERYTHING else) I break down the fraud in the video below

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# collegeadmissionsscandal is about more than hypocrisy the entire college admission system is scandalous & so is the curriculum – BS courses & overpriced tuition to get a Bachelor of Socialism degree I break down # CollegeCheatingScandal in the video:

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Katie Hopkins joined me to talk about globalist elites’ maneuvering to overturn # BREXIT and her new documentary that searches for the Homeland for Western Europeans as they are being replaced in Europe @ KTHopkins

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David Knight Retweeted Phil Kerpen

I’d pay a bribe to keep my kids OUT of Harvard

David Knight added,

Phil Kerpen Verified account @ kerpen

Quick search of presidential donors among people indicted today for allegedly bribing their kids into college: Hillary Clinton: 6…

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David Knight Retweeted Mark Dice

“How many times have I told you - don’t fan the girls. Ugh, you’ll be a eunich all your life!” --A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Actually, Brian Stelter looks like George Costanza

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Mark Dice Verified account @ MarkDice

Tucker Carlson just called Brian Stelter a “eunuch” (again) 😆

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Karen Knight ‏ @ KDKThreadz Mar 12

Cardinal George Pell is sentenced to six years’ jail for abusing two choirboys in 1996. Pell, 77, molested two 13-year-old choirboys - as judge says the cardinal ‘showed no remorse’ for his ‘breathtakingly arrogant’ crimes

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David Knight Retweeted Donald J. Trump

On this morning’s show, I talked about the article below that questions whether a new, automated safety feature is exacerbating stall recovery. I asked if the same thing is being done to our cars — safety tech 2nd guessing during an ermgency https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-11/boeing-737-max-crisis-artificial-intelligence-event …

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Donald J. Trump Verified account @ realDonaldTrump

Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT. I see it all the time in many products. Always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, when often old and simpler is far better. Split second decisions are…

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David Knight Retweeted Janet Murray ⛤⛤⛤

States can alter the Constitution Hawaii’s Senate wants to repeal # 2A I would vigorously encourage & support their secession

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Janet Murray ⛤⛤⛤ @ enjanted

Replying to @ jcarrickzilla @ libertytarian

I thought States had to follow the Constitution of the United States?

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:us:S M


Yes we have a welfare state. And economists Cloward & Piven wanted to step it up to collapse the economy sooner rather than later. UBI is being pushed b/c they want to pacify people in the coming GREATER Depression, massive unemployment, that will hit w coming AI/Robotics

David Knight added,

:us:S M

:us: @ engrcat

Replying to @ libertytarian

UBI already exists: Child Tax Credits and many other government give aways for children. Dual Income No Kids (DINKs) get fleeced by the government. LGBTQ people are impacted greatly by this. Unbridled legal and illegal immigration increases the theft and environmental destruction

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David Knight Retweeted Peter Plenkiewicz

I learned trigonometry from a used Naval Academy textbook It was SPHERICAL trigonometry for navigation & ordinance No, the earth is definitely NOT flat

David Knight added,

Peter Plenkiewicz @ pplenkie

Replying to @ libertytarian

Is the earth flat?

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David Knight Retweeted Alison Arkin

Well they better educate themselves on what HE said was his central reason for running — UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME Ron Paul would never support the welfare state on steroids That WOULD be a wrecking ball

David Knight added,

Alison Arkin @ Cronikeys

Replying to @ libertytarian

Most of the Yang people I’ve talked to want to wreck the current system since the government seems 100% infiltrated. They’re not debating any political points. Yang is like the wrecking ball candidate for this “clown world”…

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David Knight Retweeted Jerry Carrick

They’ve eviscerated every one of the # BillOfRights Formal repeal is the final step

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Jerry Carrick @ jcarrickzilla

Replying to @ libertytarian

Say it ain’t so David! - C’mon PPL Leave the Constitution ALONE!!!😡

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David Knight Retweeted joe singer

Yes, the genre has become generic They’re desperate to add some new “spin” to it to keep it alive But what’s interesting, even if the movie isn’t, are the lengths the media will go to PUSH a positive impression and PURGE all negative information

David Knight added,

joe singer @ bigjoe1221

Replying to @ libertytarian

I’m in the camp of being burned out with super hero films. They have been putting them out like a soft-serve ice cream machine for about 25 years now, without a break. Eventually, you just want something new or at least entertaining.

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David Knight Retweeted Alison Arkin

If that’s true, he’s too thin-skinned to get in the arena Candidates go on shows all the time where the host disagrees with them He’ll never win an argument, certainly not an election His idea is indefensible, unsustainable

David Knight added,

Alison Arkin @ Cronikeys

Replying to @ libertytarian

He probably doesn’t want to be attacked like Trump was when he went on with Alex. He’s trying to distance himself from the people who switched from Trump to him who may be considered racist/sexist by the liberal media

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David Knight Retweeted Question_Everything

I don’t know what happened 9/11 I know what DIDN’T happen — the official government # ConspiracyTheories As Arthur Conan-Doyle said about deductive investigations: “You rule out the impossible. What’s left, no matter how improbable, is the truth”

David Knight added,

Question_Everything @ GeorgeW01735467

https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/03/joe-olson-9-11-twin-towers-were-destroyed-using-clean-nukes-wtc-7-with-conventional-demolitions/@ DRUDGE_REPORT @ InfoWarsChannel @ PrisonPlanet @ libertytarian @ allidoisowen @ RT_America @ gatewaypundit @ JackPosobiec @ intellihubnews @ BlacklistedNews @ beforeitsnews @ ASavageNation @ LouDobbs @ rushlimbaugh @ T_S_P_O_O_K_Y

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David Knight Retweeted Screw your optics, Yang’s going to win


😂 As soon as I saw he was running to push UBI (Universal Basic Income) I extended an invitation to come on my show. He accepted, then canceled Yang is AFRAID to come on my show and DEFEND the central reason he’s running

David Knight added,

Screw your optics, Yang’s going to win

:israel: @ GasThemNow

Replying to @ libertytarian


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Hawaiian Senate Votes to REPEAL 2nd Amendment # 2A # 2ndAmendment # NRA

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Haven’t seen it, no opinion on the entertainment value BUT, as I said in the report, # transhumanism is being sold to us in all these superhero films. It’s another kind of social-engineering and it’s the original lie: “you won’t die, you will become like God”

David Knight added,


:v: @ Spacefo01064689

Replying to @ libertytarian

Alita battle angel was good. Elysium with transhumanism. Wild.

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“I’ll make it very simple and clear…” # CaptainMarvel review wars are a preview of #2020 election - both BEFORE and AFTER

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# GND - Fake Science in front, Big Gov “Boss” right behind # AOC # socialism # alarmism # fascism # CronyCapitalism


David Knight Retweeted

Andrew Surabian ‏Verified account @ Surabees Mar 19

Andrew Surabian Retweeted Cenk Uygur

Hey Cenk - When you’re done with that, you should do a show on why you’ve previously denied the # ArmenianGenocide . And then maybe a show on why you literally named your show after the regime responsible for carrying out that genocide, which slaughtered over a million Armenians.

Andrew Surabian added,

Cenk Uygur Verified account @ cenkuygur

Tonight on @ TheYoungTurks we’ll show what a dummy @ DonaldJTrumpJr is for writing this op-ed. He doesn’t understand anything about social media & loves to be a crybaby victim. # SnowFlake https://thehill.com/opinion/technology/434407-conservatives-face-a-tough-fight-as-big-techs-censorship-expands#.XJFj7N_NKbg.twitter

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𝙻𝚎𝚎 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚊𝚑𝚊𝚗

:hourglass_flowing_sand: ‏Verified account @ stranahan Mar 19

Dear @ POTUS and @ DonaldJTrumpJr I hope as many people as possible RT this, so you see it. An important story is being kept from you and all @ FoxNews viewers. This is Serihy Leshchenko, a Soros backed Ukrainian politician and he interfered in the US election in 2016.

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TENS of $BILLIONS fines for VW over harmless “emissions” to bully them into stopping internal combustion engines and convert to EV Yet the Feds somehow missed CARBON MONOXIDE emissions into this SUV? Pathetic, incompetent, corrupt

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…and now we have the convenient streaming of a massacre on Facebook (that they don’t want you to scrutinize for continuity or realistic details) FB isn’t censored even though it was the host Any independent media that linked to it or doesn’t censor discussion of event: BANNED

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I’m been saying this for how long? When Obama adm moved domain registration out of US, it was clear they were moving to censor URLs eventually and needed to do it where there wasn’t a # 1A The globalist crackdown on free speech wasn’t even slowed down by the election of Trump…

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Katie Hopkins ‏Verified account @ KTHopkins 18h18 hours ago

Many British parents would wish to stop the force feeding of the LGBTQ narrative down the throats of the young. Sexualising primary kids is repulsive. But only ONE religion - Islam - gets the right to stop this indoctrination. Why?

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Karen Knight ‏ @ KDKThreadz 15h15 hours ago

Why Millennials say they are more stressed Arguing with a partner is stressful but getting zero “likes” on social media is worse Having a phone die is more miserable than a fraudulent charge on a credit card Slow WiFi is more stressful than slow traffic

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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Mar 18

10 yrs in jail for POSSESSING Facebook Massacre film of # ChristchurchTerrorAttack 14 yrs for TRANSFERRING a copy plus fine of $137,000 US for any site hosting it If govt was that authoritarian in 1963, there’d be no Zapruder film Why isn’t public outraged

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David Knight Retweeted Ann Coulter

All parties involved don’t know where the borders are

David Knight added,

Ann Coulter Verified account @ AnnCoulter

Trump should declare Kellyanne Conway’s marriage a national emergency.

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JW Trollinger ‏ @ JWTROLLI5oh Mar 19

JW Trollinger Retweeted Silver Age TV


Ms. Reed was proud of TDRS; which her 2nd husband produced. Her NYT obit quoted her "‘We have proved on our show that the public really does want to see a healthy woman, not a girl, not a neurotic, not a sexpot,’’ Miss Reed told an interviewer in 1964.

JW Trollinger added,

Silver Age TV

:tv: @ SilverAgeTV

ABC sitcom # TheDonnaReedShow ended an 8 season/275 episode run on this date in 1966. Singer-songwriter and actress # LesleyGore guest starred in the final episode.

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ConnieB - Support Alex Jones! ‏ @ SayYesToTruth Mar 19

Replying to @ libertytarian

Download the free book “the deliberate dumbing down of america” by education whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt at http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com - it is BOMBSHELL! It explains all. Follow Charlotte on Twitter and FB.

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Interesting how he tried to innoculate himself against # WhitePrivilege by vaccinating himself with a small dose of it😂 Will he be the Dem frontrunner’s Dan Quayle? # Beto2020 # Beto # BetoORourke

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Dan C @ DanC68

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19Mar19 Show •Why the draconian, desperate measures to criminalize "Facebook Massacre” video (but no penalties for Facebook itself)? •FOX rejects # JudgeJanine , embraces Donna Brazile •Dem reality game show •Giant media lawsuits $250M, $12B filed

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Dem’s new $6 MILLION MAN # Beto is a Beta-Male robot, not a cyborg If his Charles Manson teen fiction was just a youthful fantasy, why would we let 16 yr olds vote? If not, do you want this psycho to have the nuke football? # Beto2020

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It’s called govt school 1st born, 2nd born… In the USA judicial decisions have affirmed what they call “in loco parentis” in place of the parents and saying “when you drop your children off at school, you have abandoned them to the state” They can and will do what they wish

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Eibar Stoltz @ eibargk23

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Next thing they’ll be giving up their first born to the STATE!!

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The FACEBOOK MASSACRE video is criminalized for all independent media, but NOT for Facebook What is the agenda for this event and is the video even real? # Christchurch # NewZealand # NewZealandTerroristAttack

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It was always said there were more sheep than people in # NZ After the # ChristchurchMosqueAttack it’s never been more true Sheeple # 2A # 2ADefender # 2AShallNotBeInfringed On today’s show I’ll tell you why I believe the VIDEO they’ve criminalized is fake

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# FoxNews kicks # JudgeJeanine to the curb and brings in # DonnaBrazile Will Dems invite FOX back to the debates if Brazile promises to feed questions to the DNC’s preferred candidate (as she did for Hillary in 2016)? homogenized, sanitized, mainstream media enjoy the PROGRAMMING

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Richard Gage, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth @ AE911Truth , joined me today with evidence presented by Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry to DOJ for convening a Grand Jury And, more Iraq lies by Bush administration uncovered in memo

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David Knight ‏ @ libertytarian Mar 16

# measlesoutbreak panic but no risk w # vaccines , right? How much did US govt pay to those who were injured from vaccines in just 1st Qtr of 2019? Hint: greater than $100M (private profits, socialized losses) And FDA hides faulty med device info WATCH:

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#ChiCommTedLieu ‏ @ MountainRainier Mar 17

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# CriminalKrassensteins

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Yeah, I hate it when sleazy politicians like OBAMA, violate election laws and get fined $375,000 or AOC & her Chief of Staff put themselves in charge of a PAC We should jail or impeach all Republicans who violate election laws but Democrats are just “fine” (fined)

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Ed Krassenstein @ EdKrassen

Ted Cruz was just fined $35,000 for not correctly disclosing over $1 million in loans to the FEC. Another Republican who misleads, lies, and sucks up to the President in…

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As I said on Friday’s show, if the # NZMosqueShooting had been streamed on any site other than Facebook, they’d use it as an excuse to shut said site down Now even tho it was not site used, @ getongab Dissenter & others are being blamed, banned, censored

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I talked about # AI “safety” software being the culprit in # Boeing crashes on Monday morning’s show. I was right Eric Peters & I point out same tech hubris is designed into new cars that “know better” than you in emergencies @ LibertarianCarG

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“The FaceBook Shooting”, not # NewZealandShooting Matt Bracken joined me this morning to talk about # NewZealandShooting # Christchurch # MosqueAttack

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Hawaiian DEMOCRAT Senate just voted to REPEAL # 2A But, pay no attention or you’ll be labeled a paranoid conspiracy theorist

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Grave Delay Athletics @ GraveDelay

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Settle down, people. Don’t let your fears get the best of you. Nobody’s coming to take your guns. Jeez.

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Swalwell, who thinks gun confiscation is an idea whose time has come and swaggers about using any means to accomplish it, now chimes in on # NewZealand # Christchurch # MosqueAttack Exactly what shooter wanted—full attack on # 2A to trigger Civil War @ RepSwalwell @ Rambobiggs

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As I reported in December (but, surprise, was totally ignored by MSM) a US District Attorney actually complied w law (REAL surprise) moving forward a Grand Jury on 9/11 Now, FreeThoughtProject reports names have been named (though still redacted)

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