Day of mourning 2/23 mommy activist ... and homeschooling website information - i feel parents should be more aware of the cirriculm their children are learning thats half the problem with what taking place in the schools/indocrination Sharia law etc


The controversial Reproductive Health Act that abortion advocates have been trying to get passed for 12 years and has been vehemently opposed by religious and conservative groups, passed with a 38-28 vote and thunderous applause in the state Senate chamber on Jan. 22. The bill codifies federal abortion rights guaranteed under the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and removes abortion from the state’s criminal code.

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THe corruption has control over a great number of family supporting jobs, and they ensure only the corrupted get them. If you aren’t you get squeezed out.

‘bad parents’ is by design. The best of us get alienated from leftist society. That’s hollywierd, entertainment, music, academia, pro - sports. all of it.


that’s no excuse for not paying attention to what your child is learning and bringing home for home work if anything what about report cards I suppose they don’t even do that anymore I can bet 100% that is the problem and the issue !! My parents were always very diligent and caring about what was going on with our grades - schooling - curriculum etc… and sometimes got a ass whooping if any one of u.s. were acting up that’s for damn sure !! but you better frickin bring a report card home !! THESE sob;s are doing this crap w/o the parents consent/authorization what so ever I would be livid if I was a parent and they were pulling this crap with my child 1!! wheres is LAW ENFORCEMENT and CPS in regard to little Awesome Desmond ?? DEAR GOD that psycho puke who deems itself his mother LIKE I SAID BEFORE THESE MAGGOTS DONT KNOW THE CONCEPT OF THE MEANING “MOTHER” that muslim b**** who called TRUMP a MOTHER FKR !! she doesn’t have any respect for “MOTHERS” obviously !! in fact she should be DEPORTED for making that COMMENT IN THE FIRST FKIN PLACE !! THATS EXACTLY WHAT S WRONG WITH THIS OCUNTRY !!! TRUMP SHOULD OF THROWN THAT RAGHEAD BITCH OUT ON HER ASS FOR SAYING SUCH A THING !!! COULDNT TALK THAT WAY ABOUT OBOMBA WOULD THEY >??? NO OF COURSE NOT CUZ HE’S A FRIK IN MUSLIM !!! GET MY DRIFT !!! I AM NOT TRYING TO PICK A FIGHT/ARGUEMENT NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF THE PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE SHOULD ALL BE ON THE SAME PAGE !! IF NOT THEY SHOULD FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO DWELL - THAT GOES FOR ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITE FAKEBOOK TWITTER ETC… PICK YOUR BATTLES !!!


You’re not getting the point.

Think of humanity as a spectrum. the most corrupted in humanity are given preferential treatment to family supporting gigs because they are controllable. And that inner corruption also ripples through their environment including kids.

Sick society doesn’t reward decency as merit. it persecutes it as poison. Your expectation of someone to think more about children than themselves, when it was their selfishness that got them the promotion to begin with for the income to support kids (and thus attractive/available to society for reproduction) doesn’t add up.

Expecting morals, or even screaming for them at the most soulless in society is pissing against the wind.


A. I will make this intention that more will accept the Good in their lives and that God is their creator.
B. Couldn’t be any simpler than that.
C. And Yes, this does mean that we have to stop concerning ourselves with the material world and carry out the Creator’s will in defending the weak, protecting people from harm and helping our Country when needed.
D. I understand your rage, I think the educational system is rigged, just like ivy league universities to bring in leftist judges. When is the last time you heard of a Republican conservative judge? Owen Shroyer did a report on a black man that was thrown out of Austin Law School for starting a conservative club. Do you see kids of registered Republicans doing well in school?
E. I know two service members that were failed or given terrible grades because they defended the president or military in class. I also personally know of a technical class where certain students always did “well” in the class that I was in, although these students were in another class with the teacher. “Everyone warned me to drop the class and said this teacher was part of the university’s plan to weed out people”, was a popular saying. Test scores averaged in the 20s and 30s out of 100% and the dean had to come in and speak to the class that it would be curved so more would pass it.
F. Here is my account of living in an apartment in a blue state of pennsylvania,
I am working up a plan to deal with this type of underground guerrilla warfare.



Is this what you would want to find out your child was being exposed to without your consent ???


I’ve been screaming about the poison in the public education for several decades, you don’t have to convince me. I’ve been waiting for everyone else to catch up to that curve.

Remember how I said:

“Aceademia” It’s monopolized by the leftist sick society, it’s been brainwashing for years.
Public school has been child abuse as long as you have been alive


CPS almost took me and my siblings from our mom.


CPS is a weapon to ensure your child is being well indoctrinated against you, and should you as a parent get uppity and balk the system, CPS is a weapon to be used against you (by ripping kids from their parents) as weapons to keep them in line. All they have to do is bust the worst parent they can find, push the story nationally, and bam. CPS is a justified weapon to be wielded as they see fit, because they manipulated your emotions through the nationalized story giving the impression “it’s for the children” every time they black mail parents. because every parent they black mail they group with their nationalized story.

This is OLD news.


CPS is GAY and liberal.

  1. Can we all stop projecting our good will on the leftists.
    There is no way that we can assume leftists will play fair,
    according to any rules and give us a fair deal.
  2. Just like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.
  3. And they want to take our 1st Amendment, Free Speech away by Lying in the MSM and take our 2nd Amendment, right to bear arms away so leftists can Kill us like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY on the PLANET EARTH. Please Wake Up America !!!
  4. Read the Constitution, give it to your kids, Carry and take out any false flags you see acting.


You’re right.

You can’t reason with evil. If you try, it wins every single time.


No this just started in CA when that puke Schwartenegger Nazi was governor CA is the precipice the originator of the rest of the states to follow suite I was born and raised in CA when I was growing up from kindergarten to beyond High School now the J.C’s are full of muslims that have invaded east county I don’t even recognize my home town -


a Hollywierd puke Nazi with the money to manipulate - control the dept of education, welfare and libturd social media - I was gone for awhile and came back unfortunately no I am stuck in the crap hole of central ca where they the school district is getting hammered by the parents who are pushing lbgt ism this has been just within the last two third years that its been rearing its ugly evil head and its only going to get worse if people like ourselves don’t talk about it or help educate the public that’s all I am getting at however the Nazi her frauline itself is once again grappling the gavel …septor …… hence the Alibaba take it or leave it …my other bitch Sharia law …… and yes I am mad as hell my home state is forever ruined by morons who don’t respect anything or anyone they come across ! and now I am being faced with having to move out of state because I can no longer afford to live here let alone figure out where the hell else to move where its going to be any better !! because in less than two years there’s going to be another election and we haven’t even begun to stop the hemorrhage of illegals flocking into this country and giving the Libturd corrupt pus sacks the votes they need to win !!
I am done with this for now !! I didn’t set out to create a big huge discussion I only try to expose what isn’t being revealed on social media - its bad enough I live around a state full of zombie brain dead morons ! with the exception of the very few that actually give a rats ass about this state !!


It is actually February 23rd, @alibaba! I will be going to the rally in NY’s capital of Albany, NY since it is just a half hour south of me. I know at least one person traveling from 4.5 hours away in NYC and a few others on InfoComms are trying to get there as well. Spread the word!


Thanks for the correction - I actually saw that after I posted it ! I just feel like everything is coming uncorked ! the left is pulling every last ditch effort to gain control and in March they are going to try to remove President Trump

I just keep praying and trying to do what I can to be pro active - its sickening what these lowlife coward scumbags are doing ! I call them LIBTURDS especially here in CA where they all like caca so much -

Recycled Waste Water
Crapping on the streets

There’s actually a book out called " Sh** Show " that’s is exactly what it is a frickin Sh** Show !!!