Did Trump tell Infowarriors to shut up? Did you see what Alex Jones said in response to that?


The answer is yes. I’m pretty sick of how Trump is not exposing the bad vaccines, geoengineering, tech censorship, 5G, and other things that can slit your throat. Is Trump getting it? No. We have to get angry and let Trump know what we want. Man, I had it. Trump is throwing us overboard. That is what Alex Jones talks about in this video. :grimacing:


If Washington has that much spine, America never would have been founded.


@TheIsz, speaking of spine, oh man, that is what we need more of. Owen Shroyer was on fire today.


I would ask Trump why he hasn’t locked her up yet. That makes me sick.


I’ve answered that question WAY too many times.

I’m tired of telling people who won’t listen, the answer has NEVER changed.


Going 30,000 feet up…
Is this “the show.”
Trump will never show his cards.
I hate his new friend Tim Cook
…but is this “The Plan” “The Show”

Thank God we have Alex Jones!



Hello folks.

Lucas has a brilliant idea. Alex Jones Mike Adams 2020.

That would get Trump’s attention, I would hope.



Who would replace AJ’s position?
Who would replace Adams?

Trump is working, just because the societal induced instant gratification complex isn’t being sated at whimsy doesn’t mean he’s not working.
There isn’t a person alive working harder.



Thank you for the post, take care.


I. It is not Trump that I am concerned with.

II. It is the Lack of Enthusiasm of Patriots and neutral people not yet patriots doing nothing about all these deep state embeds in our government.

III. When it all comes down to it, Trump sees the American People doing nothing to remove all these communio-leftists from our government and the CIA trained MK-Ultra Journalists that are misleading the American Public with every word out of their mouths.

IV. Trump also sees the American People doing Nothing to stop frauds like Brenda Snipes who was already censured for voting irregularities in Palm Beach County in Florida and absentee ballot buying in California. There were private vehicles transporting ballots in Florida to the voting commission. Wake Up, your elections are being stolen by Leftist-Communists funded by Euro Bankers. You are doing nothing, and because of this you deserve nothing.

V. Trump took the biggest gamble of all time that any genius could conceive to save you, me and the Free People of the United States of America. I have NOTHING against him. He has done more that I could conceive of and I am a better person for it. God Bless America.
America, I am praying that your people do something.

VI. This Sh-t is OVER, we must Stop and Block any new elections, we have to get our country Protected.


May we just establish the RED+BLUE Purple party?

let’s promote getting together, peacefully assembling… .making friends with BLUE and RED together, a united citizenry again for a change… instead of all this psychological conquer and divide monkey business that has been going on for decades. Phew… enough…


We have the electronic Continental Congress on Infowarriors.


Yes, I just saw their site - nice… April seems to dig them…

I had sent them this earlier today through their contact form:

and the ET Starstation obviously non-faked totally amazing - probably in its own class of its own footage, too:



I feel like we’re either:

  1. Being PLAYED in the greatest PSYOP of all time (Qanon on one side, Alex Jones on the other, and the rest of pissed off Americans in between),


  1. The plan of Trump is so MASSIVE, to take back America, that to us, as NPCs in this ‘Shadow War’ between Trump (who represents Patriots) and the Pedophile Elites, it is too much to comprehend what is happening behind the scenes.

I keep going back like Damocles’ Sword between the two camps, because on one end, QAnon convinces me and that Alex Jones is a Mossad operative as well, and on the other hand, Infowars and Ron Paul have been right all along, that Trump is just part of the Deep State now…

This is why we just all need to kick Trump’s ass into gear by making our voices LOUDER than he has ever heard us before. And warn all the “elected” or I mean “selected” pedophile-blackmailed politicians, that the People will act according to the Declaration of Independence, if they do not represent us. But it has to be a united front so the Deep State can’t cut us off. Look at what they did to Facebook/Instagram - they’re erasing all the info that is about to release.


You can’t Unite with people that Hate you over a hat.


I try on a daily basis. Truthfully I am getting better at not offending progressives while espousing constitutional beliefs. This is a tough person by person ground game. Some people though, are ideologically ridgid. I have received death threats from naked socialists. Some people are unhinged. Bernie supporters however, are usually quite cordial if you choose a respectful tone. This is good as Bernie won my home state of NH. As the self proclaimed NH delegate to the FECC I’ll do what I can to talk sence into these people. It is hard to break the conditioning, and over come the allure of free shit, but not impossible.

  1. It is great that someone is trying to convince others that are full on mind programmed by mk-ultra news media, for at least 1 hour every day of their lives.
  2. I would venture that it is a lost cause, there is no way these losers will quit their cnn habit while dousing themselves in soda, sugar and hollywood brainwashing, good luck though.
  3. My effort is to connect with people that don’t do the above because I would rather have thinking rational people on my side.


Perfect practice makes perfect.