Did we all do this life before?


Why are you in this place ?
Are you looking for fellow patriots? I AM
Are you searching for truth? I AM
Are you compelled to come here?

Do we all know or feel what is coming? I know we are not supposed to talk about anything that is not perfectly normal. But I can’t help thinking that all of us, already know everything and we are all
playing dumb to some degree, just trying to enjoy the experience. We don’t want to think too hard
or too deep, we like easy. But sometimes I think DEEP DOWN inside, we all planned this together
that we would all play our parts. So I can hear some of you already saying
STOP stating the obvious let’s get on with the GAME>

For me personally, I am on a mission to fulfill a promise to a brave lady and her hubby, she gave USa chance to pull back the veil and see the light. We all knew it was a perilous cause
that would require the most creative ways of dancing between the raindrops and still
hitting the treetops. Hoping the NorthLand barrs no passage I pray.


yah know if you only read the cap words it says something else…It’s real.

  1. I will believe that the game is stopped when Barr appoints a citizen prosecutor not associated with the deep state.
  2. When I see supporters of this president in public more often and in more places, then I will know that the game is over.
  3. When I see that the US Public has evicted main stream media from our shores, then I will believe. There is no purpose for this corporate sponsored misinformation. We don’t need these organizations polluting our country.

Exactly not a game at all, a real war that demands all of our attentions.


Passion and Purgatory my recent vacation to Los Angels, Las Vegas and Tesla.

Funny, but today the 15th of July is my actual 30 years anniversary of getting married to the love of my life. But we celebrated last week with an extended 4th of July vacation to LA. This was a trip for my wife and kids, if it were me we be fishing out in the woods somewhere. It had been over ten years since I had been to southern CA. and I was a bit reluctant because I remember the bad vibe I used to get around LA especially. But I must confess, that I was surprised by my visit, it seemed the the whole atmosphere had changed. It seemed like to me, after decades of leftest ideology, I found patriots everywhere I went. I know it sound CRAZY, but I think TRUMP could WIN in California. They seem finally
FED UP. And it seemed to me, many longed for a better future. I want to tell you all about my trip, and how the Tesla was a thrill of acceleration, and a bummer looking for, battling traffic to get to a place to wait to get you chance to wait for an hour an a half charge every hundred miles or so. How I spent the first day up 22 hours, slept 2 hours and went another 14, 38 hours on 2 hours sleep, charging the car, and taking care of the family. How every-time the nav said your destination is on the right look left. How the love speed hate charging, was the an echo of thirty years of Passion Love and Passion hate, some of the worst fights ever. And the BEST MAKEUPS…, but since it really is the 15th now. I had better end this short, and take care to the REAL LIFE. GOD BLESS will try to add the funny happenings next write.

August 12th listening to DK saw video Tes blw up thing drn could been my whole family when I just barely punched it a yeah everyone was pissied as hell and all the shit went flying an I apologize fer t 100th tm bt we made through not a scratch and looks like a scratch would have been our crematory. Thnkng I better not ride on a hot box again till I mk sre it permanent unplug ed cause these boys never miss twice. God protect us ALL.


Can we see through time when we sleep?


I guess, instead of messing up anyone Else’s thread, I will jjust put my rants here. @Bingozee many of your topics, that you mention, I am very interested in, but some how I find communication with you can seem, searching for the right word, perhaps “heavy” hard to eat, like to much, not in an easy way. The computer speak audio files, are hard to concentrate, because of the computer voice. I suggest your own voice, and use a voice altering software, that will make your voice sound unlike your own, but what will be conveyed is the passion, the emphasis on words, much easier to hear. And instead of posting novels, that are hard to read online, I only suggest, targeted paragraphs with links to more. These are only my suggestions.

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More about LA, Tesla, and my original way that I AM only watching in amazement. I see the fingers move
and the type appear, is this me? How father did it all come to be? How long did it take to get to this moment LORD, that this piece of dirt, could PRAISE YOU FATHER.

The Tesla, some cool, some frustrating, some just different. We are talking about a model s 4 door sedan I think 2018 or 19 only had 13k, when I rented it July 4th .

The rear view mirror was just a normal mirror and kind of small, heavy of good quality, but with all the
luxury cars having auto dim and such, it makes you wonder? Did they not have the patent for many things we just take for granted on any car? Same thing with the seat belts, don’t you always have that thing on the beam that let’s you raise or lower the shoulder height, just not there? patent? I don’t know.

You ever flash your headlights at some one, to warn them, or say hey your forgot to turn on your lights.
well, going through a computer panel, to change from nav to car settings lights on off button, put this way, something that was so easy, now has become an accident waiting to happen.

I had a honda CRV year 15 model which has adaptive cruise control, basically it can radar lock on the car in front and if it slows down then you slow down. I was excited to try this on the Tesla, let alone the auto pilot, but neither are available on the Enterprise Rental. Just standard cruise, TO BAD.

COOL STUFF. Suspension button, You can go from extra low, to super high, and everyone can feel
the car rising up. but does not have the bounce dance feature of cali street cars. Maybe a software hack. Also cool, a internet browser right at your finger tips, complete web surf with full screen.

That’s all I got for now.

August 12 David Knight Show Tesla sounds like the Prius and other early electric vehicles better get the first ones before they lock down completely non removable chipsets.

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Unfortunately I will not provide the Fails Idol, a Golden Calf or a Stone Tablet, What I have “Written” (“Posted”) on the wall is for the willing and all to see and for those whom have the will.

And I wholeheartedly agree, Truth Is Often Taken in the way you describe along with Offensively, Defensively, Condescendingly, Belittling, Intimidating, Harshly, Roughly, Hard, Sharp and even somethings Hurtfully, But I am only Strict about what I post, What other Reason to post if not?.

I also have to admit it is unfortunate how people interpolate my contributions that is in fact their own responsibility, as mentioned says much about them personally, If they have the Will to see things Honestly. I have not posted these things for me, these are already things I have Experienced, Observed, Understood, Acknowledged, and am Aware of and Keen to.

Anyway, I just want to respond to that, But the answers to your Questions are in the First paragraphs of the First Post of “My” Thread that I reference most often, by the “Quotes”, as I rather copy and past my own word then have to Rewrite them again. In Fact you may have noticed it answers many, Many things when understood correctly… Some times we don’t Read words for words, but Metaphorically.

Thought to also mentioned, Because of how I “Write” my posts, the Google, AI actually has a VERY hard time decierning and deciphering exactly what its saying.

Consider if I put a Face or Voice, it would be Silenced Quickly, Consider the things I post are the MOST threatening thing unto any Secret Society, Government or Mentally ill being. In comparison Alex is peanuts. Consider if he Said any of it as I have Posted, HE would be DEAD.

PS: How stupid to ask a Question, then Refuse an Answer! LOL All good @Fubar Cheers… Hypocrites. :+1:

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I was listening to one of your computer generated readers, just now. It is very hard to listen too. Extremely wordy, and the computer voice, is extremely hard to concentrate on. As far as your reply, what can I say but HEAVY AGAIN, not like you want to take over the thread and hide my few words with your novels but I am left scratching my head


I agree, I am working on them still, I have new ones that are much better, they have the proper flow and spacing a normal speaker would. I have also been Tweaking the Synths to smooth things out, So far its much better, however I will be UPDATING, Finalizing the many posts in my thread, its at that time I will also produce the new readers. I appreciate the feed back…

This is nonsense, Maybe its just some times some people have more to say then others, Also I mentioned it was only in respond to the comment you TAGGED me in,

Beyond that I have no intention to participate in this thread, or To derail it, or to Spam it or to all the other pathetic bullshit the monkeys toss at each other around here. So I digress.

Cheers brother.


please stay and play, I want to hear what you have to say, just shorter easier if possible. On fiver,
for $5 bucks, you can hire someone real, to read your stuff, if you are to busy. You can have an Authority voice, or soft female, several different flavors available all better than the machine, makes you sound like and AI, rather than a flesh and blood brother. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!
Sometimes the last word says it all, like your computer generated voice said at the end of your long audio, I DON"T KNOW WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR?

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Shortest answer to your question, for Every New Star, where there where NONE.


Just attracted to the LIGHT I guess, it must be a DNA thing, ya think? I really thought you were Dan Bongino the secret service guy on FOX. at first you know BINGO.

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I was a roadie for air supply


Any XBOX players out there? any Black ops zombies? Zombies are different than all live free for all.
In zombies, even though players can do anything on the stage, the beat of main events or levels is
going to happen and there are certain things that have to happen to get to the next level. Not entirely unlike this place. If each ripple in the expanding pond is a parallel universe very close to the first wave but
slightly different at the breaking points like the surf rolling slightly this way or that. SomeTimes
I feel like that in this life. Like I am replaying it for the 48th time, trying to push the ripple break,
just a tiny touch for the good of all of us. But I am very poor at this game and every time before I have
died trying. It’s like playing and playing and never getting to the final round, unlocked all the easter eggs. But this is my best game ever, I have avoided the abortion, the early knocks never got me,
but this is always the point, will freedom WIN, or shit game over start again?

MeshRockVideo7 PASS IT ON


I like this one!

I figure it hasn’t been long at all. If we are like the grass of the field and wither in a moment, not long at all. :{]

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