Differences from Infocomms Censorship and Alex Jones being Censored from Social Media?


What is the difference between what Infocomms is doing to members and what Facebook, Youtube and Twitter has done to Alex Jones? Censorship is Censorship change my mind. LET THE MENTAL GYMNASTICS BEGIN!!!

Owen Knows About The Leftist Shitposting Trolls on INFOCOMMS
***Poll--- Censorship On InfoComms***
Tos violation? Tracker thread
Owen Knows About The Leftist Shitposting Trolls on INFOCOMMS

How about posting the Terms of Service for InfoComms.

You do understand the difference between a privately owned company and the public sidewalk don’t you?


I guess Alex Jones doesnt either does he? IE Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…


Here, I’ll help you out…



So whats the difference of what Infocomms does to members versus what Facebook Google Twitter Pintrest and Instagram has done to Alex Jones?

… that was the question? Do you have a comment on that? If not kindly move on…

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You need to ask Alex and Robert Barnes his lawyer that question.

Move on? Hmm, interesting. You allege censorship, yet you don’t want me posting here? :thinking:


Can we talk about the black contracts?

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Allow me to define censorship for you:

1.the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

Sorry doesnt look like I censored you at all:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs:


Not sure what these Black Contracts are ? Lets discuss it…


Go back and read my post again, sir. I did not say you censored me. That would be past tense. I asked a question.

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People say that Facebook has black contracts. Now, does Infocomms have black contracts too?

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Same exact rules for Infowars commenting platform cmmtr.


Is Infocomms not using a system developed by Discord? Therefore, wouldn’t that mean if there are problems, then it would be the fault of the design and of the designers, that is Discord, right?


At this point I think the only goal of yours is to hijack the entire point of these forums. How many threads are you going to create about the same BS?


It would take a insider to blow the whistle…You know kinda like Project Veratas. Whats halarious is they are talking about censorship on the Alex Jones Show.


At this point I think the people on this form are blind to the truth…and can not say one evil is worse than the other. Where is the logic

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Censorship is not always the same as removal and again, was Infocomms not designed with Discord?


You likely just got spam flagged by some idiots and their system automatically stopped you from posting anymore until they could check it out. You then gained access back.


My last Topic was taken down


Alex is banned

YOU were temporarily restricted

Here you are now posting… not censored or banned.

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