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Walt Disney was:
“Special Agent E.E. Conroy”

Club 33
What kind of “conspiracies” can we leave here…


Secrets of Disneyland


33 is the highest degree you can get as a freemason.


What do you have to do in order to be in club 33?


I remember the Monsanto was my favorite ride. I came back one year and it was gone. I was really mad. Then later on I learned about Monsanto and how bad it is.


Thank you for. the information. I never seen that before. If I knew that back don’t think I would have gone. In the 1970s it was around 7 dollars to get in. So we went a lot.


They had microphones in the chandeliers back in the 70’s. Walt as “Special Agent E.E. Conroy” was tasked with recording for Hoover the Hollywood elite. He feared they had to much social power with “movies”
In 1990 I actually snuck in to Club 33 with this information to look to see if there was anything still in the chandeliers…and with my own eyes i saw the tiny microphones up in their. It was believed there were tiny cameras too so each table could be survielled, but I personally didn’t see hidden cameras… It blew me away, Walt really was a Special Agent, and probably alot more…
I hope we find someone with some more inside info into the whole Disney world.


I think all the missing kids & underground tunnels at the parks is the biggest conspiracy…Fritz Springmieir has exposed this


Really, by chance do you have a link?
Thanks @NinjaAlex420



Thank You. YouTube hasn’t found this vintage Alex Jones too!
Thanks again


Those ghosts were freaky looking. in.the Haunted mansion.


I saw this when looking for another topic on this guy’s page… :thinking::expressionless:



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A few years ago a caller on Infowars was telling Alex about the cult or religion of the mouse in the middle east this has something to do with Disney.






This is a good video by Mike Adams, explaining what we are seeing.