Do not take your own life - GOD loves you!







My non-medical opinion is that we all have problems, we all have people say harmful things about us, but it is how we work through problems that keeps us from creating more problems. We all must get sleep to work through our problems and think clearly. R.E.M is part of our natural cycle right Mike Adams Health Ranger?

Seattle (and Los Angeles) has completely collapsed and these areas have known problems with self harm so try to get the best sleep you can. Optimal sleep. Clean quiet room, correct hydration, temperature, no light, free of stressful thoughts, waking up with the natural light each day at the same time.


Great input!

Amen to that!

We must rest our minds and bodies on a regular schedule and seek restorative breaks from work and family stress. Going to a church and having a family of supporters who love and cherish your company is also extremely healing for those who are lonely and struggling.


Groups of like minded people like at churches can help but they are not always run by people who intend your family health and togetherness like this guy - One good way to listen for Marriage Friendly conversation.

“Telling people that their marriage is doomed is, in my opinion, fortune telling at best, unethical, at worst!” (she did interview with Oprah!)

I hear CNN loves the American people.

This guy in the AU will give you a church, God, and a free community to live in as long as you bring your child and you are a woman: - The new better father of your child. :grimacing:

Both Nick and the AU Jesus are frauds but anything is better than the self harm “hotlines” that record and track everything you say just to use it against you to use state insurance money to make you “healthy” again against your will. Better to call a long time friend and ask how they were able to get through some hard times.


Will skip the link for lack of time but it sounds like you have a healthy discernment. Love is an interesting word, it is used often to manipulate.

Thank you for joining me in encouraging people here, it is one of my main intentions in joining this wild west community. Hope is the last best option for the downtrodden.

PEACE to you today!


I couldn’t agree more. People do not realize that they are turning to other avenues due to their need for Christ. My father died as a crackhead. He was under constant pressure of his own making. What I mean is that he caused a lot of his own suffering by giving in to his anger, his self loathing, and his hate. He hated his mother, and his father. His father died when he was 9, and his mother raised him alone till he was 12. She then got married again, and my father never loved his step father. He had only resentment toward a man that he thought was trying to replace his dead father.

He was filled with so much hate, and it ate him alive. He got married 8 times. Was an alcoholic, and used many drugs. For some reason he beat me a lot. I don’t hold it against him any more. I decided to forgive him and my birth mother. They didn’t know what they were doing. They both lived steeped in worldly hate. Forgiveness is a must. Without it, you will also live in hate, and it will destroy your life, and sometimes drive you to end it. So forgive, and move on. God Loves Us All.


This is painful to read. You have an extremely powerful testimony. Shout it from the mountain tops and fight against shame like it’s your worst enemy.

So terrible!

So beautiful!

You get the last word:


It is a must. Without forgiveness, there is no hope.


Well, your biological parents were able to keep you alive and thinking somehow! You are still here to talk about it Ben and many who have lost their parents in that way have passed.

Check this one out:

As a peer, I suggest reaching out to any extended biological family on both sides to say, “Hi.”


Now if I could only get my brother, and sisters to realize this, I would be so happy.


Never give up! Sometimes answered prayers come at the very last second. Never quit loving people Ben. You are a REAL MAN!


Sadly when they say ignorance is bliss it is true. Once you seek the absolute truth… You can’t go home again. It tests your very limits and adaptability of coping and mental and spiritual strength and resolve. It has driven many men to madness. Expect no true friends on your journey, no family to have your back. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me J.C.; thy rod and thy staff they comfort and remind me. If J.C. has my six then we are the clearing this damn valley!


Amen and Amen!


She rivals Whitney, screams tones that make you cry, and is a bit soft on sin but the woman is a genius with her songs.

REMEMBER WHAT THE GOD OF JACOB SAYS ABOUT YOU! Don’t listen to the lies of man!



The problem is these men can’t go to church with psychological problems, (Depending on the church) but they want to throw their problems into "We will pray the demon out of you. Or the demons out of you. They are quick to point the finger to anyone who has a psychological problem, except may be the Salvation Army. Sad but true. I know from experience. The pastors need to inform the congregation that humans have emotions and responses to traumatic experiences that does not mean they got the devil. Then when these men call the crises center, the crises center is reading off a script telling these men who got back from war with PTSD to squeeze a ball and take some breathes. Its really bad out there.


I’ve seen all of what you explain. Religious abuse is so so terrible! I HATE seeing it! I’m sorry if this hits home for you. I wish I could help more.

Obviously, reading a robotic script, and encouraging a war weary soldier to squeeze a ball and take some breaths is an ineffective approach.

For those who have been abused by the system, sometimes their only hope is to call on the Helper. God promises that those who call on His Name will be saved. He also promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. The Helper wants you to LIVE not DIE. Holy Spirit=Helper.=“symmetry breaker.” (Dr. M.G.).

How’s this for an idea:

An ARMY of Christian volunteers on phones for the VA to encourage soldiers and pray with them. Give the soldier a choice:

  1. Would you like to talk to a licensed psychological counselor
  2. Chaplain former military
  3. Volunteer, non-licensed, non-denominational christian?

No crazy denominations please (i.e. WICCANS need not apply). Just good ole fashion bible-believin Christians talking to soldiers about peace of mind. No pushing anything, just being Christians on the phones/skype to those who are hurting.

I have seen this work effectively on a small scale - beautiful to be more specific. It is a beautiful system of support and encouragement that Christians offer to those who are scared, lonely, downtrodden, or just not thinking straight and needing a little direction.


That’s a great idea. Awesome system. Would be great to get more started. I used to be a prayer partner at TBN a long time ago. I don’t think a lot of TBN anymore. A lot of false teaching. But when I was a prayer partner I loved it. It was volunteer. Mostly woman would call in for prayer and occasionally a obscene phone caller. I would like to see more for the vets. Vets from the Vietnam war fell through the cracks I hate to see that happen now with the vets comming back.


It’s everywhere. :]
You have a kind heart and you draw/paint beautiful eagles.


Thank you so much. I have to start painting again.