Do we have a Florida infowars army yet?


Hello fellow Patriots. Does anyone know if there is a Florida infowars army group yet?


I`m in Tampa Bay. Just joined. Battle ready!


@Maga_Titan on Facebook and Twitter is One of the most Active infoWarriors a Real leader & a podcast host with Rufio PanMan on Sunday nights.


I’m in Florida, I know there are infowarriors in FL, not sure about a group though


Good morning thanks for replying. Maybe we should.


North Florida.
North of Gainesville, east of Tallahassee.


Just arrived. Hope to develop a group for northern Florida…north of Gainesville…east of Tallahassee.


Good to know, thanks.


I’ve been wanting to do some kind of Citizens Rule Book pocket constitution hand out for a while now, not sure where this would have the most affect though


Pasco county, here to help


I think its all about how you approach people. What I have done is this. Start asking people questions about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Talk about the history of tyranny. Most don’t know a lot about it. If you then flash the pocket Constitution, they might be more willing to read it. As far as where, I target liberal areas. It can get interesting. Good luck.


Will do, good luck over there as well.


Great to see an effort to establish a group or crew for Florida!!

Would be great if EVERY state had a crew ready for deployment!

KS has been fortunate enough to link up and form such a crew. There are more of us in KS that we would love to pull into the group but travel time is real… The 4 of us that have linked up, so far, are less than an hour away from each other – a blessing… But since we have unified, our reach and impact has grown exponentially.

This is EXACTLY what this forum was made for! Keep up the good work patriots!


When Owen first launched the Infowars army he mentioned that as we do activism then we move up in ranks from the bottom. Haven’t heard him talk about that sense or how it would work exactly. Im sure he would be the main person judging it moving us up in the ranks sense he is the person that started the army movement.

A few of us know he’s got to much on his plate to go through all the media content we email him. Posting stickers & flyers is one thing but getting in the big crowds & flying your message is how we’ll reach more masses.


Nice to see all you beautiful folks in Florida!

INFOWARS ARMY, has the goal to make LOCK HER UP a demand Trump will no longer put on the back burner. Let make this a reality. Put them anywhere you can. We want this picture in everyone’s mind!



Florida Boi’s Find Maga_Titan on FB & get him on here


There are rankings in the settings of this website. You should look at the settings. It’s related to the badges you get. I moved up from level zero to level REGULAR. That is the only level that I saw currently for this website. There is a special secret Lounge category for Level One (REGULAR) users here.


I’m in South Tampa PT port tampa ^-^ been putting up all my infowars bumperstickers all over port tampa


I know of another infowarrior maybe ex infowarrior around where I’m located, but he doesn’t listen to Alex anymore. Not sure if he listens to any of the other shows either.


Reporting in from Miami, I would also like to know if there’s an organized group of Infowarriors as well