Does anyone know what the DEEP STATE really is?


Also an owl at the top of the compass Columbia/ bohemian grove style


If you look at this pic:

You take the inner lines out and you have a pyramid and the temple is where the all seeing eye would be



Was George Washington trying to destroy America?


Washington is a tough nut to crack. Yes he was a mason and they are such evil and manipulative scum yet Washington was a great figure based on his actions. Who knows because masons plan so far ahead it’s ridiculous. Like hundreds of years. Perhaps he was being used as well


What about john adams , thomas jefferson and others


List of Freemason presidents


Why would they use George Washington to create the best country in the world?


So every president were freemasons except trump


The list is up there from ^ lol only 14 out of 45


Watch the vid I posted up there^


Did the video talk about why the Free Masons would want to create and not infiltrate America?


There’s a lot of the info in there. It’s a complex subject. Some believe that America was created so that the human intellect and spirit could rise to a point that the evil folks could exploit that intellect to get to a technological point of resurrecting lucifer as AI. The enemy can’t create, only steal and manipulate. So they had to create a place that would encourage free thinking to get to a certain level for their means while still holding the leash. While America is the greatest country ever created, its citizens on average are still very controlled and brainwashed no?


Were they trying to make America for the same reason they were trying to make the Internet?


Basically. They give us just enough rope to hang ourselves


Is the Internet going to hang us up?


In a sense, yes


Are you a fatalist? You believe we cannot save the Internet?


It’s like any other tool. Can be good or bad depending on who’s using it. We are using it to spread information which is good but we need to use the net for attack of the enemy like they are. That’s the issue. We are saying and typing words and they are dumping chemicals in everything that kill us.


Can we make and buy robots, drones, to stop that?