Does anyone know what the DEEP STATE really is?


I can as an electronics engineer lol I don’t know if you can lol


Can we build underground Scott Adams houses with 3D Printers?


No but I think we can build underground Scott Adams’ with 3D printed houses


Does that mean you are a fan of Rick & Morty?


Never seen it. Only heard of it. I don’t watch cartoons as a grown man. Luckily I’m not suffering from arrested development as bad as some


Rick & Morty is better than Family Guy.


Think, the perpetuation of the teaching and knowledge of the Nephilim, the “fallen ones”. Think Nimrod and Babylon. That is Freemasonry.


Thanks for the input



What I was attempting to point out is that globalism is joined at the hip with Freemasonry. It is all run through a worldwide network of Freemasonic and religious organizations, which are a form of Freemasonry in fact. All one has to do to figure that out is look at each individual and match them up to their 33rd degree and if any are not, they are very few indeed.