Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video


Got anther good one… this is so nice. I have a Pink Floyd Tattoo on my leg I want to cut off.


I hear you man! I have the skeleton tattoo that’s on the background to this video…It’s there logo I guess you can say…But they went full on Libtarded and want to cut it out :laughing:


Did you know Bob Dylan did the guitar in “Pros and Cons for Hitchhiking”. The only Bob Dylan I ever listened to religiously. You will like this. It was inspirational at the time.


I admit I was a Pink Floyd addict. You should see my collection.
I will show you. I have spent way to much money on music.


I did not know that! Thanks for the info! Good album! I like it better than Amused to Death that’s for sure, although it was lyrically “politically” better, but Pros and Cons was better instrumentally imo.


Nice collection!! Radio Kaos :ok_hand:


I bought this album and downloaded what I cold not buy.


Radio Kaos is one of my favorites.


It took me a year to get into "Amused to Death’ buying it the day it came out. It makes sense today and was starting to make sense then.


CIA music is fantastic. Edit… not sure about that but MI5 MI6… CIA… I have information. Edit again… and I can’t wait for them to kill me for it.


@hxtr YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS ONE!! I can’t believe I forgot to post this one!!







Love it!!! Great song. Thanks… that is a keeper.

@nwenglarz not bad at all. Good stuff. Only on song one.


Did you know the CIA created Frank Zappa. Research who Franks dad was.

The author was killed in 2015 for this book.


Terry Bozio really rocks it out in that video.

I had a feeling something would pop up along these lines that you provided here @hxtr

Thanks for the tip.

Did you know that the venture capitalists were involved in WordCruncher/Logio before the dot com crash?


No sure didn’t. Please elaborate on what you know.


Good speech.