Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video


Pastor Sam, Tex and I were there today. hahahahaha Watching video now.


Ay it’s Thomas! That is very nice, must be cool to be a Texas Info warrior.


Word Cruncher began as an indexing editing program for texts developed by BYU and it was my dads baby for many years going back to what was Redstone at Indiana University. As the Internet was expanding and web browsers spring up, Word Cruncher became CNNs best penny trading stock of the year back in the 90s as Spyhop was being brought forward as the Google of its time, just before the crash. Logio/Word Cruncher was a digital library with every book being indexed and processed from DOS to a Windows format to be accessed as a feature of this browser.


Rock on deplorables


never heard of that. I need to hear your voice explain things. You talk over my head on some things. I have so many questions. Do you have any videos explaining what you know?

I tell you meeting Tex and Pastor Sam was very cool. Great guys and we are now friends. I told Pastor Sam he is my Pastor now. lol
I was born in Guam and my dad is from Somerset Texas just south of San Antonio. My mom is from Kentucky. We are Alamo material. My dad is Texican and he has very little hair on his legs to prove it. I do have a small patch of hair on my chest. lol Quite funny… took me forever to have facial hair. lol

I will die defending my my state of Texas. I have so much history here and I love it here. Your going to think I am lying now. I shook president Fords hand in 1977 when he came to Kelly Air Force Base now called Kelly Field. I was 7. After he got off AF1 he walk right up to me and shook my hand. If that was Joe Biden I would of thought something was up. hahahaha sorry joke. I only lived 2 blocks from the runway. I seen some cool things as a kid. Dad was OSI. He was Oscar form the Six Million Dollar man in comparison… GS15. I can prove it if you like in a PM.
This was two blocks from my house.

I am desperately searching for a picture of my old house. I can’t find one detailed enough to show it. I will edit this once I find it.
Edit: I’m too OCD… still looking. hahaha I have taken several breaks.
Edit… playing Peter Schiff in the Background. I trust his opinion but it seems a bit scary. Our future.


I have a picture of George W. Bush and my dad together in my Bible right next to me. He came to Randolph AFB and wanted to visit my dad before he retired. Edit… holly crap it is on the Internet.

This is my dad. Edit. My dad and I had respect for Bush back then. We don’t respect him today.


I knew this band but I have never heard a song by theme I can recognize. I will recognize this song.


Still a cool picture!! I had friends that were stationed there and used to go on base quite often there many years ago when I lived there.


It was really cool at the time. I was so proud of both of them men that moment. It crushed me when I figured him out… Bush that is. That was hard to accept. I could write a book on how it helped Red Pilled myself. I was brainwashed. Still am if I’m not careful. It takes effort to stay unbrainwashed. <---- my word. Deprogrammed.

One way zero TV. I watch the Internet always seeking people smarter than I. Every human is stupid. We only have areas were we are smart. Some more than others. Elon Muck super smart Alex Jones probably close if not just as smart. We need each other. A.I. are coming.


I love your word lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink::heart::+1:


It might be a word. Here I thought I invited something. haahahahahahahahaha


It’s still a good word :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart::+1:


Seven head beast, get stumped.



Now I’m in a reggae mood… wonder why. hahaha



I recommend the full show



Never forget Laura!


Bruce Lipton has a great message. 17 minute mark he explains how he came to his thinking about Genes and Stem Cells. About the 22 mark he explains how if you understand epigenetics you don’t need a pharmaceutical company. Change the environment and you can change the genes.

@TheIsz that song well be suck in my head for the rest of the day. lol