Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video



GaaaHaha! He bashes Trump at minute 38:00. Bet he feels like a numb now. :joy:



@hxtr his theory also applied to what we are told scriptually… Be constantly in the Word… Write it in your head and on your heart… you have to “reprogram” with the Word… :wink::+1::heart:



I love slide guitar


But mainly , on your heart, it must become a part of you…just saying☺


Cymatics. :+1:. Have you seen the 3D cymatics in ferrofluid?


So brutal


@Libertysmith whoops that was a typo (head x2) I corrected it LoL :grin:


Lol…that’s OK I wasn’t criticizing,cause you gotta have in your mind too :innocent:


I don’t know if this is inspirational or not,but I like the song…



Smart sounds.


No I sure have not. That is very cool. Vibrations and Frequencies.

Found this… I use to watch the videos of the Tone Generator he shows and the sand on a plate helped me proved HAARP to myself. I seen HAARP in action today wavy clouds all over in patterns not natural.


Bruce Lipton use to study and teach Genetics… and when he figured out they were teaching a lie they didn’t want to change the curriculum, because teaching gene control makes you a victim. He’s a very wise man. Not sure what his faith is but I sure love the way he explains things. Like the word of God we have to live it. His words are helping me live it.

I love how Bruce says we don’t need medication.


Check this out when you got a half to kill



Nice… I already understand much of what he’s talking about but it’s still very cool and adds some info. Great video. At 10:00 I have an induction plate and it has a glass top. I can cook something with a paper towel between the pan and induction plate and cook whatever and it will never burn the paper towel but it will burn my food if not careful. It has a copper coil inside that makes it work using magnets flux lines.

When he was talking about the pieces of metal and how atoms have empty space and how small it would be. You can take the Empire State building removed all empty space from the atoms and it would condense into a grain of rice. If you take all the people in the world and removed the empty space, they would condense into a grain of salt.

Cool stuff. Tesla kind of stuff.

Matter is pure energy like they say. No different then when we die on this Earth… our bodies fall apart because the energy field is gone. Cool stuff.


You know about Eric dollard?


No but I will. lol :wink: