Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video


This is better.
The only living person to replicate Tesla’s work


I will check it out… how about Geordie Rose? Since we are talking about Quantum Physics. Ever hard of the D-Wave? I think they are playing with fire here but still cool.


Once you learn about dollard you’ll realize quantum physics is non reality lol. He explains in that vid how the quantum business ruined all electrical knowledge


I seen a video by Geordie and they were recruiting Demon programmers to program the D-Wave. They weren’t joking about it. They know what they are doing.

Here it is… the problem is these people are trying to play God and they will create hell on Earth instead no different than CERN.


OK this is getting interesting. I have to go to bed but this is amazing stuff. Sun another dimension. WOW! This will be interesting to learn better. OK looks like the Earth could be flat after all. I have lots of research to do.






You just triggered a (how do you spell binge?


Binge…I think lol Faith No More :ok_hand:



You started it… I was just posting a great song and you followed with a trigger… lol We are so lucky to experience the lives we do. This song proves it.


I saw them in the mid 90’s…At the end of the show they did almost a full hour of instrumental whale sounds, it was insanely cool


I gave up concerts (this is funny) my mom tore up my ticks to Quit Riot in Germany. Never cared about concerts after that. Talk about a cock block. lol I was only 13.
I don’t blame my mom… she knew better. lol I am laughing out loud…


Alex used to have Billy on many years ago during their Zeitgeist album. Don’t know if they went libtarded after Trump won though.


This song I used to cry myself to sleep over. lol I was just a kid confused about this world.


I’m glad I was confused. I would hate to be some arrogant rich bitch who don’t care about a dick in the wing or in the sand.


I love them interviews with Billy. Deep but also dark stuff. Fame only causes problems and the problems started way before fame. Nothing happens without a reason.


I hope this helps you further your knowledge!! It certainly helped me!