Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video


Interesting… 72

72 virgins – we all know what I am talking about there.

Rule of 72

Now this. Very interesting.



Not bad at all!!! they did a great job on that cover.


To be fair, it’s probably a professional recording of them in studio over top a ‘rehersal’. But yes, it’s a great cover.


The greatness of this era-defining music is “inspiring”.
Yes, this elicits nostalgic feelings. :wink:


My kids when young loved this song. They would sing it as we were driving.



You’re Dead Sea.


Drunk your Junk(ers)
… A shotgun party!


Lots to contemplate.

I think David Knight would make a great Alan Watts in costume.



Will did great tonight…

I posted a joke and he read it…

Since they can’t find any Russian Collusion now they want to investigate Obstruction. Once no Obstruction they will go for Trump’s parking tickets.


Candice rocked it at the CPAC.






Ok ok, I get it, it’s not a ‘band’, or a professional musician more than a vocal coach, but I post this video because of a severe lack of any other professional musicians actually pulling off a cover of this great band.
This is not an easy song to sing, and that shows because of that fact.


I never understood the words before. Now I can. One of my favorite all time albums. He did good… and like I said, I can understand him. lol