Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video





I had a dream I met President Trump last night. That was cool even though just a dream. I joked with him and said, “Mr. President soon you will won’t be able to color the gray out from all the stress you’re under”. He laughed and nodded his head.


Thats funny! You never know you might meet him one day. Its amazing that he’s 72 and still going strong. His hair might not be dyed he might have access to those secret life extension meds that Alex talks about lol.


The start of the dream he was talking about some deception in videos and MSM. I tried to sound informed and President Trump brushed me off clearly didn’t want to hear what I has to say. Classic Trump. So I asked him before he was about to leave, Mr. President how are you really doing, I forget my exact words? After I got his attention back and he did some animation to show how stressful it was… that’s when I told my joke. I am always thinking two three steps ahead… I guess even in my dreams. hahahaha get it. In your dreams hxtr. hahahahaha


This got me to buy David McGowan’s book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. Rabbit Hole very deep here.




Vocals sounds like Lisa Gerrard from the Dead Can Dance and also the Blue Lady song from Fifth Element.
I have a bunch of her music but not enough. Good stuff… like your video by Hans Zimmer.


I’m picky about music @hxtr…my ears only like certain sounds. May give it a click if I feel like it. I hope you are not a person who would be offended if I did not listen to a woman singing about the “rising of the moon.”

Women and “moon” songs remind me of FEMI-NAZIs. I got scars from battling feminists and their hateful witchy ways.


Let me search my collecting and find one song name. Found it… Human Game. My point was to show the similarity.

OK you should like this song by her. Short compared to that last album. Really good stuff. This I always thought this would make a great James Bond theme. She does lots of sounds track vocals. Amazing voice.


And we all know this song with her voice… I fell in love with the Blue Lady. I sure hope this is not a man like Big Mike. hahahahah I had no idea it was the same person from Dead Can Dance.

Back when I cared about movies… even music. Her voice is infectious.


Why do I feel like you are playing games with me?
Can’t get past the eternal damnation fire in the heading picture, just not palatable.

Not to be rude…but I have a beautiful painting to get back to. If you don’t mind, I would like to continue. Plus, this is my only “alone” time during the day and I want to make the most of it and think about Jesus. Song of Songs with my Creator is getting more difficult as the days roll on, so many distractions.


What? Playing games? This is my thread. Read it or ignore it. Your choice. Don’t make something out of nothing. I’m only TALKING! I see now to ignore you for now on. You can’t handle a conversation. Have a nice night.


Here’s another great song by Lisa in my collection. Wait till I get to some Dead Can Dance. Been a long time to think of this person. Such a happy song in my opinion. Like something from Africa.


I only have this my Dead Can Dance. Not sure if they made anything new since. HER VOICE!!! so infections like I said.

I have zero clue what she is singing here and I don’t care. Sounds amazing.


If anyone has never heard of Enigma… why not? They have a belief in God. LOVE THIS BAND. I have to buy the new stuff I heard recent. I stopped buying their music long time ago. This is amazing stuff. Best music ever. Delirium is another but Enigma is better.

You will want to hear the full album. Everyone knows one song from this.

Here it is… EVERYONE knows this song. Or they use to. Sadness. My MP3’s sound way better. 192 to 320 no 128 or if I do it was a mistake.


TURN THIS ONE UP!!! I’m asking why?

TNT for the Brain. GOOD STUFF!!!


You seem a bit defensive. I agree, it would be best for you to “ignore” me “for now.” Not sure you meant your last sentence but I will take it as if you were being genuine nonetheless.