Doesn't have to be Christian... please post an inspirational song/video


lol no Wonder Woman I am just completely honest. Sorry if you can’t handle it. Now go back to your paintings.


Before you go… take a listen to this. Such a good song.


No need to apologize. Appreciate the permission to get back to what I love doing, right now I am working on a painting of the Airborne Ranger in the Sky. :]


I would like to see that. Please share.


To tell the truth to the world… I have a lots on my mind. LOTS! I am going to put my thoughts into action. Conspiring now. I have to Red Pill this world or dye trying.


@therecfem, painting is a gateway to unthinkable dimensions. @hxtr, that is a magical song that makes me wanna get high.


Glad you liked it. It really is a great song. Everything they have done is magical.

#PresidentTrumpPrevails By Zack Mount

Go to iTUNES


– Zack Mount
– Dump Them Trump Haters
– President Trump Prevails


Do you believe that you can fly? Great song, right? Click here to watch that music video by R Kelly. Corporate News is singing, “I Believe I Can Lie.” That is their motto. Did you ever see Space Jam? We should make our movie called Info Jam.



Lecrae & Tori Kelly - I’ll Find You


This song makes me think of Raf,

That’s one of his newer songs, not his newest, but the song you posted made me think of some of his stuff from the early 90s.



Suicide is abhorrent and prohibited by God’s LAW!

Queen was brilliant with words and brilliant in making music. Although, I do not rule out the possibility of demon possession during live concerts/recordings etc. The music industry is interesting.

I suspect the message of this song would be relevant to bankers, politicians, business bullies (big pharma) and of course big tech:








That “Chal Bulleya” song sounds like a Hindi R&B LOL