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Now there’s something I could get behind. Don’t care who it is promoting it.

Tired of this leftist crap pushing abortion as birth control. Its disgusting. Over the counter/cheap birth control would probably help prevent a lot of abortions.

I love their whole “My body, my choice!” chant…

Yeah, it IS your body and your choice… your choice as to which kind of pregnancy prevention you use.


As long as you pay for the pills yourself, as an individual, have fun. Let people sell it. Let the free market have fun with it.

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We need more bipartisanship. When there’s issues that both sides agree on then they need to work together towards a solution rather than changing their stance when they find out the other side feels the same. We don’t have 2 parties just so those parties constantly fight with each other and oppose each other on everything. It’s so that both sides of the issue are represented and common ground is found. I’m always happy to see bipartisanship, it means that these politicians are actually doing their job instead of competing for the position of loudest person in the room.


Agreed. I posted the YT clip just to bump this back up. Seems like a the concept of bipartisanship is topical to what going on here in.

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I’m happy to see a thread here celebrating bipartisanship. Even though I disagree with a large majority of things AOC takes a stance on I can also say there are things she talks about that I do agree with. It’s not about the person that is talking about the issue, it is about the issue itself.


Wow, blink and someone’s profile pic changes! :laughing:


Lol I meant to do it a while ago and finally remembered. I get caught up in reading all the threads on here, lol.

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Like this?

I agree with AOC on this. The article actually says it is the job of Homeland Security to protect the country… hah, funny… I thought that’s what the military was for.