Dont Underestimate Trump



Those folks relentlessly command value (because you let them) only Trump by action earns.


Yup, thats right…#Truth


And to be honest the list is much, much longer than just this. The sad thing is he’s had to do most of it by himself!
But this is still pretty funny. Almost as funny as election night watching the MSM lose their freakin minds as the election results kept coming in with Trump winning state after state!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I really think he is trying to get things done… Regardless of what I think of his motives…

Now that I’ve dug deeper, I realized he is being bucked hard for that control… It’s gonna come down to how bad he wants to win and how much he is ready to sacrifice… We all know the “deep state” is deep but it’s looking deeper more and more… so I think that’s why he hasn’t declared national Emergency yet… Cause when he does there will some massive reprecussion!!


Okay, okay, but people are dying here. If I don’t see some air strikes and cruise missile launches in the Caribbean…I am beginning to doubt he has the resolve to respond to a call for help. All the military strikes in this administration were with Mattis’s (or some neocon’s) borrowed balls. It is high time to be BIG BAD DON! Clean out Maduro and Ortega and stop the migrant caravans at their source! Patriots are dying in prison there, and most all the Latin presidents are ready to help. They would do it themselves if they were not afraid of the Russians and Chinese. Are you, afraid, Mr. President? If so, we have already lost!
P.S.- a message for you, shouted in the streets of Caracas: “Yankees, go fuck yourselves! Go fuck yourselves a hundred times!”


With all due respect, (as I see a lot of passion!). You’re speaking out of you ASS on this one.

Let me remind

  1. even with an already acknowledge abnormal amount of mysterious deaths behind Hitlery, suggests for her on a public stage to be in jail.
  2. took on the deep state for the Presidency, unlike anyone else and won.
  3. After election walks out in front of the motorcade like a boss, none since JFK have done that because of JFK.
  4. You’re suggesting Mattis who is fired was leading Trump… hahah, no one’s ever led Trump. misled maybe, led never. No, ‘Big Bad Don’ was always in control on that one.
  5. Has endured without complaint religious threats of published harm, not against just him, but his entire family including his kids.

He has bigger [email protected] than you do, and you shouldn’t be discrediting proven accomplishments none other have done.

  1. He has not used military force of his own decision. I stand by that statement.
  2. I am concerned that he won’t. Until he proves that he can, and will, we will be left to wonder who else’s dying cry for help will be ignored because of some unbiblical, misguided altruism.

What Would Tanto Do?


Of course not, but of his own control he did. if he did by own decision that would make him what… a warlord? Not being able to accept you’re wrong, is pride isn’t it pastorsam?

He already proved he did. Trump has been under scrutiny, none else have endured. no President before him endured either. It’s great that you are concerned he won’t, people said the same thing before he used them for strikes on the Syria. Your fear of what you do not know, is not Trump’s fault, and reason dictates, you will always be out of the loop of that Office to some degree. Use that Faith you preach there pastorsam.



None of the above.

NWO :+1::+1:


Your country’s delegation signed on, too, in both the OAS and Lima Group emergency denunciations.

You have asked for help that you have not gotten.

Don’t think there will be any frozen north woods to hide in when Ivan comes over the polar ice cap!


Yes, the wall is already being built. It is on Mexican tv almost every day.


Why did this deflect to country’s?

Why don’t we just say, oh yeah I see your point.

It’s not personal. I ally with truth. and you just suggested the man who has proven to have the biggest balls on the planet was in question of having them. I am sure you could respect allying with truth right?


Can we say this honestly when we are talking about Trump, and Reality?


More than we can with you yes.


I am pretty passionate about our little brothers, the Latin nations. There is a strong push to propagandize the USA that they are our enemies…a push that is largely successful. The fact is, they share our revolutionary history and every last one of them followed our lead and evicted their European oppressors. The Trump Revolution actually started down there, as they began electing conservative presidents we now call “Trumpist.” Now they are finally ready to unite and get the Chinese and Russian puppet governments off of our continent and out of the New World…and TRUMP IS HESITATING!

The Chi-coms are trying to pick off our little brothers and solidify their foothold here.


Now that I was very interested and appreciated reading. I understand your view point, and I empathize with your concern. I would recommend for others less informed on that issue like me, it helps us understand that concern better to focus on that issue to understand and share ideas, rather than pointing fingers (even if unintentionally) at Trump. Be concerned about the unknown for sure, be aware, and share awareness, better… Maybe wait on judgment until we have something solid to hold his feet to the fire for. There are lots of things going on right now. gets hard to prioritize the whole world sometimes.

I like that post though, elaborate on that!


A minority interpretation, but one to which I subscribe, is that both Ezekiel 38 and Isaiah 18 pertain to a future Russian mechanized infantry assault over the polar ice cap. That is too involved to text about, but I will do a video on it soon…


There have been rumors of collusion in Latin America by Russia and China, also that the caravans were really coming from Nicaragua and the much more populous and much more solidly communist Venezuela. All this has been proved and the documentation is in this thread:


Back to the matter at hand, will he or won’t he.

I, and the Latin world, thought Trump was waiting on them. They had their democratic processes and nonintervention policies, they wanted to try diplomacy and sanctions and multinational anti-corruption bodies. None of that worked. Now they are remembering that the only victories in evicting the Chi-coms were the iron hands of Fujimori in Peru, the military dictatorship in Brazil, and Pinochet’s Chile. All of them have finally aligned (all of the economic and militarily strong ones, save Mexico), they are ready to rumble…and Trump ain’t rumbling!

He sure looked ready to rumble a year ago when an Argentine submarine exploded and sank…perhaps torpedoed by the Chinese in retaliation for the sinking of a Chinese fishing ship poaching in Argentine waters the year before.