Drag Queen Story Hour Leander, TX This Saturday!



I won’t be able to make the Protest as I have plans at the R.O.T. Rally here in Austin. I go EVERY year!

The Infowars Time-Capsule Challenge

IF your able to attend with Owen on Saturday at 3PM [when the Drag Queen Event starts], then PLEASE do. IF I didn’t already have plans I would be there.


If Owen really wanted us to attend, don’t you think he would post something on the Comms?


Well…Owen HAS announced it on the WarroomShow [about a week or so ago] and said IF anyone is able to please attend.

I’m just trying to help him out and alert those who might have missed his comments about it on the WarroomShow.

Since I can’t be there I would STILL :heart: for it to be successful and for Owen to have some infowarsarmy backup!

ALSO…with all of the reporting Owen is doing in San Antonio I’m thinking addressing it is not first thought on his mind BUT it’s still important and as far as I’ve heard he’s still going there…possibly as Lepo the Clown!




At 3:52 - “In fact, there’s Drag Queen Story Time happening in Leander on June 14th or 15th, I can’t remember. And so, ah, unfortunately I’m gonna have to go and cover that. That’s really what I want to do…with my weekend…is go to Drag Queen Story Hour but, that’s what we’re going to do.

Where’s the invite to join him?


Then just stay home.

IF you have ever attended any of the Infowarsarmy Events here in Austin, you would know that Owen wants the infowarriors to attend with him. I’ve been to about 5 or 6 events since September 2018.


Are these Infowarsarmy Events posted on the InfoComms? Is there a list of upcoming ones?


Normally, only by those of us who are in Austin/Houston/San Antonio but that’s because we are locals. There isn’t a list of the events because they are often spur of the moment, but THAT is a REALLY good idea to start a special page just for event announcements.

There are others who are posting their events: @DEPLORABLE_HILL or @MAGA_Titan, @BradChadford as well as ALL of the InfowarsArmy Austin/Houston events that we organize.


Where are they posting these? Again, this is what I thought the Comms was for.

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Most of us plan our events offline or in PM because we are not wanting to always bring a lot of attention to them.

However, when Owen announces an event then we carry on with helping to promote the event.


That doesn’t sound like an “open event” that sounds like an “exclusive event” or “invite only.”

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They are not exclusive. With all of the BS coming against us as Trump supporters we don’t always bring a HUGE amount of attention to the events to keep them from being a circus.

ALL of the inforwarsarmy are ALWAYS invited to the events that we promote here in the Austin/Houston/San Antonio areas.

Owen is only one man…He gets busy and can not always promote everything or forgets due to all of the news he is attempting to cover. He appreciates our helping with promotion and security. We’ve talked with him about these things before and he & Alex love it when we TAKE INITIATIVE and don’t wait for them to do all the work.


Thanks for the alert Greg. I wish I lived in Dallas. I keep missing all the protest. But I am doing so more posters for around here and stickers.


Hey you don’t have to be here to be active. Do whatever you feel led to do! Look at @MAGA_Titan in FL…He’s a machine when it comes to being an infowarrior.


How much are thoes things to record your self, I use my phone but Its hard to record my self with my phone? I need just a cheep one…also I want to interview people in downtown Denver.


If they see me try to record an interview with just my phone they might say no. The guy on the bus knew a lot buy when I asked to record him on my phone he said no.


My SMove Gimble costed me $183…but it’s worth EVERY penny. I love it. I love that the video even when it is not “perfect” at least you can watch it without getting physically ill due to the shaking of the videos.


Thank you Greg I can check into that. I need something to make it look like the media too. I could put a sing on it and call it Infowars Neva news.
Don’t know if I should put a sign saying Infowars because its not endorsed by Alex.


I need to get a mic flag for my mic that I HARDLY ever use. I am debating buying one and adding some Infowars stickers to it…I support infowars 1000% but don’t know if I should…Perhaps it will bring out the #TrumpDerangementSyndrome Victims. I’m NOT one who wants to get a bike lock upside my head just to get a video…

BUT then again I also Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and Direct the whole experience…Thus far no major #Leftist freak-outs.

Also, I am 100% commit to doing this so I should just go for it. I’m already prepared to die for my faith and commitment to the infowar.