Eating poop or Smearing poop


If you are locked in a nasty room for 7 years and tortured I don’t fault anyone from eating poop.

This guy is a hero.

I have watched innocent citizens tortured in the US because they flicked or spat poop water at abusive guards in protest for their harm.

Also, if you are not fed and locked in a concrete room what else will you eat when a guard does not give you your daily chinese dog food?

So Clinton enables harm to our children but what is she eating?

I understand why J A could be pissed at Trump’s admin. He has been treated horribly even though really he saved us all including Trump.


It’s definitely easy to judge from the outside and say “I could do better!” Solitary confinement/isolation is something that doesn’t seem that bad on paper but going through it would definitely be a different story (ie: you can tell someone you got your finger slammed in a door but it’s not like you can easily, directly communicate the actual feeling: how can they really know what it’s like?). It should also be taken into consideration that those statements about him “eating/flinging poop” or whatever could be (and I honestly think probably are) lies to create a legal precedent to force him to take psychiatric drugs that would make him WAY more whacked out. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are our modern-day versions of Prometheus, God bless them both.


the real crazy satan yelling head bashing ones are released right away, maybe 2 days, but the fathers that are convicted of parenting their children are in for months, then forced on drugs which mostly harm them, and then released with nothing by memories of their family. The foreign citizen pedos usually cry wolf that they will harm themselves and are transferred to a tax payer funded hospital with in hours.

There are many different ways you can be treated in various levels of high security solitary confinement. Some get showers and fresh clothing every day with their coffee while others never leave their cell for months with no new underwear.

90% of the guards think Ivanka is Trump’s wife.

70% of the nurses think Ivanka is Trump’s wife.

poop is no excuse for unreasonable cruel punishment paid by our money before you are found guilty of anything.