Elizabeth Warren wants to breakup Big Tech. She has a petition she is getting people to sign


Is this good news or bad news?


You cant sign the petition w/o donating at least 5 bucks. Classic


Just 1 out of 1,024 she could do right,

Screws another group over again.


I have serious concerns about Warren, but the proposal was very compelling at first glance. Then again all progressive proposals sound awesome at first glance, but almost none of them stay that way after discovering the details.


Warren is a scumbag looking for votes…I think these dems currently siding with prominent conservative issues are looking to persuade voters because they have no real issues to stand on…that’s my opinion anyway…I say don’t be fooled


I say good news. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. These tech giants claim total objectivity, then sensor those they disagree with. They can’t have it both ways. I say make them public utilities subject to anti discrimination laws. Polka-hontis is generally lying scum, so it is natural to doubt her intentions. I think she just wanted a fresh angle in the presidential race. Almost everyone is out flanking her to the left of the Left.


Nancy Pelosi on the ACA- “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” I feel ya.


Something very fishy is going on. Trump is leaning toward the deepstate and deepstate puppets like Van Jones, Bill Maher, and Elizabeth Warren are leaning towards nationalism. Even AOC said that Mega corporations working with the government is bad. Are the Globalists blending the parties so that nobody knows who to root for?


Dude for real though, whoever rings the alarm gets the power… I see a pattern here… we don’t want those garbage monkeys in control of our FREE SPEECH.


She probably just understands the threat and figures it’s something that everyone can get behind. It’s a smart cause to tackle. I pretty much don’t like anything about her, but she’s on the money here… Too bad Trumps too outta touch to see the issue for what it is or is too brainwashed from the neocons he has surrounded himself with in order to make it a point of focus.