Elon Musk and Jack Ma agree: The biggest problem the world will face is population collapse


“Yeah, accelerating collapse,” Musk said.

Fears of overpopulation due to immigration are short-sighted, according to Musk. “The common rebuttal is like, ‘Well what about immigration?’ I’m like, ‘From where?’”

Exactly. Immigration is an issue within the topic of populations. No matter where the people are, the overall issue is that there is a finite amount of humans on earth.

And in some countries like Japan, the average age is increasing, which means fewer people are being born in that population, and the results of that are there will be a “die-off” of the older people leaving behind a far smaller younger population of a similar age range.

This runs the risk of an even worse die-off later down the road when all those younger people get old and die. There is a minimum number of births required each year to maintain a population.

China had a one-child policy for years, and their population will pay for it later once the older people die off that weren’t having more than one child. They will end up just like Japan.

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Twenty years, it can’t be that soon. Besides we only have 10 years left. :wink: