Email Sent To Owen Shroyer



It would seem by your commentary on last Friday’s Warroom show that INFOCOMMS forum has become something less than what you might have wished for. Most Army members came to COMMS with every intention of getting involved in activism and sharing information. Things were coming along well in the beginning. Many members were posting ideas about how to get active. Before the first INFOCOMMS was wiped, I was working on stencils that could be printed, cut out and pressure washed on dirty pavement. Also on the other forum before it was deleted, I was involved in a collaboration effort with the Houston Infowars Army to edit videos they were posting to the forum.

Here is a video Houston Infowars Army took. I edited the video and hosted it on my YouTube channel.

It was included in an Infowars article

So, as you can see some good things were coming from the forum. At some point though, topic threads started to become saturated with two or three spammers who were using multiple accounts to rip up and derail threads. It was so bad at one point, almost no collaboration could be done there was so much senseless, inane junk to navigate through. The moderators did ban the offending accounts but, after a short time they were back with new accounts. It was at this time we learned how to flag comments and prompted others to join in so that we could at least hide some of the shitposting. Flagging is encouraged by the Discourse software that makes up INFOCOMMS. There is even a badge given for flagging. We finally had learned how to keep the Trolls, Spammers and Shitposters at bay. Then one day a known hacker named RackAttack makes a video addressing you and the first INFOCOMMS forum is taken down.

Now, all the information was lost and everyone had to start from scratch. Not only did we have to start from scratch but the moderators took away the ability to flag. When this was done INFOCOMMS WAS GIVEN TO THE SPAMMERS AND SHITPOSTERS! It remains that way today. The moderators disabled the one weapon we had to keeping a modicum of cohesion in the forum. So now, it is back to two or three spammers with multiple accounts who rip up and derail topic threads.

What can be done? With flagging turned off or set too high, we can’t do anything. It is built into the software for a reason. Please tell the moderators to turn flagging back to the default settings. Will this make INFOCOMMS perfect? No! The best way to run a forum is to have someone that everyone knows and can appeal to for getting things done. Without that the only thing that can keep the peace is, turn flagging back to default settings. Flagging can be used to quell bullshit…even my own should that be necessary!!!

It would be good if you could respond. Either way I will post this email on INFOCOMMS #2 as promised in this thread ==> Owen Knows About The Leftist Shitposting Trolls on INFOCOMMS


Owen Knows About The Leftist Shitposting Trolls on INFOCOMMS
So far top fowl words of the day

Don’t you see the irony… You want these people banned like Google wants us banned… by going to war with the spammers you are proving their point…

Just pin a topic at the top of the front page that instructs people to not feed the trolls.

All they want is attention and they will go away if they can’t get their fix anymore.


In another reality that would work but…Everyone knows that won’t work on INFOCOMMS!!!


I am not against the ability to ban a person off private property in theory.


:crazy_face: That Guy is a total knob, just say’n. might have the IQ of a Gay Frog.


What kind of crud is this? I’m not a hacker. I never claimed to be a hacker. However, when I posted my first post on these forums asking if anyone wanted to do a show with me on my YouTube channel, YOU Leviticus jumped all over me. Then you got your “banning brigade” to jump all over me and within a half-hour of my post, it was flagged and taken down … BY YOU AND YOUR LITTLE CREW.

After that, I made a post questioning what had happend and that was flagged & brought down in 30 seconds! And a 2nd … brought down in 30 seconds! Finally, I figured out what was going on and posted one complaining … yet again, it was brought down in 30 seconds!!!

My first impression of you was that YOU WERE THE PROBLEM HERE along with your flagging-buds, that just flag anything and everything like some sort of paranoid schizophrenics!


You just can’t take it that the “power” was taken off of you, from where I sit. You weren’t “using” the flagging option YOU WERE ABUSING IT!

And then you questioned me in a private comm, it went something like this:

Or did you forget???

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!!

“a known hacker” !!! What a fckhead!

How are YOU not banned from this server!??



And now who are you and why are you on my case!?? Friend of Leviticus???

Geez, these boards! I’ll tell ya!


No I have no issue, just stating a simply observation… frankly, couldn’t care less about @Leviticus or his rants but I do appreciate his, even you’re effort. Maybe having knowledge of how to use the site beforehand might have helped.

I did notice on one of your hidden posts a video? Do you think because of the video the post was may have been hidden?, if it’s anything like the one I witnessed, I could understand it being removed but also agree that it shouldn’t have been…

I guess it’s about delivery, it sucked :slight_smile: but don’t take that personal or heavy, I think the same for most such things along with the plethora of wannabe youtubers which clearly there are far to many.

All that aside, I do appreciate the efforts… Are you a hacker, that I find hard to swallow as it appears you have difficulty reading. Maybe the definition of hacker has been retrofitted, I am a Coder, Scriptwriter, Programmer, but I am not a Hacker, what makes you a hacker?

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And for the record, my IQ is: 164



No. Why? Because on my very first post here in 6 months, all I did was make a post asking if anyone here wanted to do a round-table discussion with my about IW issues on my YouTube channel. THAT’S IT. There was no “owen” video or anything regarding InfoComms at the time. That post was fagged and brought down in 1/2 hour.

I posted a questioning post on why it was brought down. That post was flagged and gone in 30 seconds. Another… same thing 30 seconds it was gone. My last one was a rant saying something like, “Okay, if you want a war, you got one.” And that too was gone in 30 seconds.

So THEN… AFTER all of that, that’s when I made that video. Not before hand.

So that was my “eventful,” welcome-back on these boards.


Yes and I actually agree my delivery sucks. I have to work on not being so long-winded.


I never claimed to be a hacker. Leviticus accused me of such by saying I was a “well known hacker.” Basically, FAKE NEWS.


I don’t know anyone that does that…Are you sure about the four???

LMAO…if you were so goddamn smart you would have read the flag message you got from the system for being a fucking blowhard!!!

THE FLAG IS NOT PERMANENT…if your IQ is over 100 I would say you are trying to sneak in a few points!!!


I ask in part as I am a member from before the purge, one of the 100 and I too have been Heavily Censored here upon having to Re-Register also, however I believe it was or still “is” a member of the community whom uses multi accounts to flag posts, a plight that has caused this community dismay from a time before, Some of the members now are also from that time, @Leviticus among others, I have known the INFOWARS family indirectly for since its beginning, and Have been communicating indirectly with them for many Years now.

I too have contacted them regarding the “Censorship” (“Flagging”) happening here, in response to our complaints and concerns Owen Addressed it on air, admitting that the platform is exploitable and basically compromised, He along with myself are unsure how to address it with out having to migrate to a INDEPENDENT server.

In the NEAR Future this may be the ONLY option for such things Such as Platforms of Free “Speak” being Segregated from the Censored (“Main Stream”) literally.

You don’t have a Voice unless you can support the infrastructure and Technology to broadcast or Post your Opinion, Thoughts, Ideas, Solutions, Rights, etc… Internet 3.0 is very much a good example of what may become necessary and common place, We could theoretically end up with millions of “Intranets”.

The Citizens of Detriot Are Building Their Own Internet.


Dude, all you do is complain.

And then you get others to complain about your complaining.

You have the exact M.O. of a Psyop to disrupt the forums.


I might regret it, but fuck it, I’ll step up anyway.

Leviticus, you are one of the most negative aggressive and foul-mouthed people on InfoComms. You have caused more dustups than anybody here. You are rude and immature, and quite frankly, if you acted that way in real life to people’s face, there is no question somebody would not take kindly to it. You remind me of my FPS gaming days of years past. You act just like the kids back then, running that mouth so brave behind a computer screen.

Speaking of gaming days, that was back in 2005-9, back when I first started listening to Alex Jones, and eventually signed up for his old forums, Prison Planet Forums. That is where I met RackAttack.

We got to know each other a little bit, swapped gaming stories, and I eventually signed on to his site. In all that time, I never got the impression that I remember him being anything but motivated. Both of us and several others were victims of the Sane Squad. I won’t explain that, but those who were there know exactly what I’m talking about.

Bottom line, anyone here could be a “hacker”. Without any proof, you are doing what’s called “libel”, and that can get you in legal trouble seeing you aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

What you are doing is labeling people with keywords, basically because you are a bully and a punk with an attitude.

Leviticus, you and your “crew” have made yourselves known. I have counted so far about 5 of you or at least 5 accounts that are doing the same thing. All of you have really nasty attitudes and lack any respect for others with your immature actions.

You and your punk following need to just stop already. Grow up and act like adults.


lol, that was as effective as slapping weathered sink with baby butt soft hands. :slight_smile:

But interesting. I live by other principles that make these “arguments” confusing, I find it very hard to comprehend HOW people allow themselves to be so vulnerable and delicate resulting with them being affected EMOTIONALLY by the Words and TEXT, “they” themselves “Choose” to read.

“Remember That At The End Of The Day, We Manifest The Meaning Of A Word And Its Affect Unto Ourselves, For Words Are Empty And Harmless”.

IT’s this INTERPERSONAL insecurity, vulnerability and delicacy that is the CAUSE of CENSORSHIP and Correctness, When in REALITY its ABSURD and RIDICULES!

However, this is just an opinion. I don’t get it… :woozy_face:

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If it makes you feel any better, my IQ is only 44.


Well damn Memefart…What do you really think???

…and who might you be???


See? It’s that immature attitude that real adults here are getting really tired of.

Who am I? An American citizen.


I think flagging is fine. But if there are going to be flags then there has to be human moderarors. Otherwise you have the machine shutting down a post or thread based on the amount of flags. First of all if there are alot of people with the different profiles it could be one person flagging under dif profiles. Then if there is a gang that does not like somebody they can go in and put multiple flags then the machine automatically shuts them down with no human moderator intervention. So flagging is just suppose to be a “Call to attention” for a moderator to check the post out. Not for a machine to shut the post down based on the amount if flags.


If people are posting, people need to be moderating. A machine cannot understand human inflection, sarcasm, and emotion.