End the Fed, Arrest the Bankers!


The Fed will crash this economy in order to destroy Trump! I think a petition needs to get going that tells Trump to fire every single one of those corrupt central bankers that continue to defy his orders on not raising interest rates! While he is at it, he might as well get a complete detailed audit of the federal reserve going to expose their corruption as well! Rand Paul and his father Ron have been calling for an audit of the Fed for years!


We must be very careful about doing that. The last time it was tried resulted in an assassination, along with the death of many others in the name of covering it up. The Deep State is much more powerful now.


Yes the Deep State is very powerful I agree. But one key difference about then and now. Back then, everyone trusted their leaders and government, so when JFK was assassinated, no one ever thought that the CIA would be willing to kill the president so the they were able to come up with a cover story that involved Lee Harvey Oswald taking 3 shots with a rifle from the Texas Book Depository building. And it took almost 60 years to find out that the so-called conspiracy theorists were right about the government killing JFK. In today’s age, the government has been exposed completely and Trump is an extremely popular man in America right now, not to mention all the social media and how much faster information travels today. So the bottom line is this: If Trump were to audit the Fed and he is assassinated for it the way JFK was, the Deep State would end up completely revealing itself to the public and that is the last thing they want to do. Yes we know they exist but there are many people who don’t believe there is a shadow government running the show.


And while your at it, arrest the freaking evil lawyers.



Can Trump put us on a gold standard and print money through the U.S. Treasury as opposed to printing Federal Reserve Notes, which is what JFK was trying to do or did until they murdered JFK, right? Will enough patriots be around to investigate and document the murder of Trump, assuming that ever happens? In other words, are we ready to expose the murder of Trump fast enough? Because like Covington, Smollett, Las Vegas, etc, the Spin Machine comes in pretty quickly. Will we be fast enough to expose it? Do you keep extra phone batteries in your pocket in order to be ready to record video on the spot? If we are not always ready to record, 24/7, then we may fail.


End the Fed by not supporting it. Circulate that which is Coin and is not of the Federal Reserve. Avoid the Notes, and the Digital products of the Big Banks. Withdraw of Coin is the Audit. From Many to Few. Redemption is law, 12 U.S.C 411. A Nation without it’s currency is lost. Don’t be caught without. 1792 is the answer to 1913!