Eric Swawell needs a secret service detail. He will be sacrificed as a false flag matyr


Eric Swawell is being set up to be a “gun control” false flag martyr. Eric will be taken down by a wind up toy patsy, who probably will facebook live the event like the Christ Church event in NZ, with disappearing brass evaporating into thin air. Democrats are going to kill Eric Swawell in a false flag. Eric, bro, your handlers feeding you your lines are setting you up for martyrdom, dude. They are going to make that message resonate by false flagging your ass in a gun control gambit. That is the only way the treasonous message of forced dissarmament resonates, with blood, preferably the blood of innocence, but your’s will do fine for their message. You are such a fool Swawell, your democrat-globalist fellow traveler, criminals are going to kill you. It wont be one of us, it should, we are within our rights to defend ourselves from a wana be tryrant who dreams of nuking American cities, but it wont. Why? because we know you are a joke, a pitiful meme, a harmless schmendrick. No, Eric, when that AR15 you so hope to demonize is unloaded in your direction, it’s going to be your team of subversives pulling the trigger, because they feel the same way about you we do, you’re a joke, a pitiful meme, a schmendrick and to them that makes you 100% expendable. Do I have evidence of a plan, do I have direct knowlege, have I heard rumours? No to all those questions, but I do know my enemy like the back of my hand, I can feel their next move, like Neo can see the Matrix. So, Swawell, you treasonous little creep, keep your guard up. I like your rhetoric, it makes a nice example of how far Democrats are willing to go to obtain absolute power, in your case you say, Nuking your own country is an option. That is a great example buddy, I love it, but only because you are a neutered schmedrick not the guy with his finger in the button. Stay safe.