"Everyone who is anti Israel are really nazis.." - Alex Jones "there are nazis everywhere"


How come everytime AJ goes on a podcast, he says ridiculous statements.

Either calling many people on the right "schizophrenic, “psychosis”

He literally just agreed with some one on a podcast that “there are nazis everywhere” when he KNOWS thats such bs

Is this guy compromised?

Is he trying to slander us all and discredit us?

What the literal fuck is going on!?

This combined with the CBS “Good Fight” episode telling the NPCs that its okay to punch white people for wrong think…coincidence?

There are no coincidences…


Controlled opposition works every time.


Absurd point/argument


I didnt expound upon the argument bc if your in the know ; youd get it!


There are Nazi’s among us, they serve the interests of our enemies, and their role is to undermine our nation. Watch who I call out and why, and you’ll know who.

Not a lot of them in the general population, mostly in positions of power and authority… also the word Nazi is useless, because it only referenced a specific cultureal moment. In other words Nazi’s were defeated, there are no actual Nazis anymore. It was a manifestation of totalitarianism, specific to Germany, which the trimmings necessary to attain power in that place/time. So to be more specific, totalitarians are what get rained upon us, only the most fringe are dumb enough to try and attain power using actual Nazi symbols and explicit whiteness. I say dumb because not only can it not work, it offers nothing but unrecognized martyrdom and an opportunity to express totalizing hatred. Smarter ones become SJWs.


People got to read between the lines. Everybody has a different way of expressing themselves. Because somebody makes a statement you have to look at before an after what they said. Otherwise its out of context. You have to know that personality. People.read too much into things then go down some rabbit hole. They get sidetracked. Alex is just one person speaking the truth and against the NWO. Alex is not perfect. Alex tells us to research on our own.