Evidence of Aliens!


@PMS have you heard of Dr Claudia Albers?


Maybe they were seeing this in our future:



No, I only know a fraction of the deep state insiders. However, I am in direct contact with David Wilcock as of yesterday. He knows all the good ones!


Ignorance and stupidity… answer that simple question, what do you see when looking at a star?


In this case, exactly what the thousands of video frames clearly show.

This - Onyxeyes:



And that is?..



U ARDENT DOPEY CLUSTERDUCK - this is the video I am referring to:


@PMS also have you checked out crrow777 work? He has some interesting stuff…



and this is a REAL MANTID ET on a Hoverbaord above my house about the same time:


The same security guard mantid ET who was waving his Blue/Green ray gun at me near my house when he was half-cloaked, I suppose to be able to see and use his weapon. Same camera… all of them.

This is a real ET photo, I captured on my Android 13MP - they are all digitally undisputable - because they are 100% REAL.


When Neil Armstrong made mans first step on the moon, who was already on the Lunar surface filming the footage?



Real photo of an ET craft landing and quickly taking off again right in front of me.


Yet another real photo of a Medium-sized grey alien checking me out as I photographed him He landed in an intersection in the middle of the night just outside my house.

They KNOW ME. For over a year now! Multiple encounters… I AM FAMOUS IN THE ALIEN MIND-COLLECTIVE already. They are a Collective. They know how to be civil with each other more than we do.


So GET REAL yourself.


Yes but clearly you have no realization of reality.

The fact is, when trying to look at a “star” you will see nothing more then a blob of “REFLECTED” light. Once is space there are NO STARS anywhere to be seen, yes there are other planets and suns, hence the absences of STARS in the fake landing of man on the moon, because for the rest of the world’s scientific societies they attempt to make it seem authentic, thus NO STARS literally, in Reality…

Fact is. Man going to the moon alive is a fallacy, just as it is for anything living or alive coming from it… consider if ever that was possible, WE would have been contaminated and destroyed long, very long ago, like billions of years ago…

Prof, scars unto the firmament, the “STARS” we can see…

These are ancient understandings known by ancient cultures and societies, that are now highly guarded truths as secrets… If you are unaware of this reality then clearly you know nothing…

When we lack the educational, understanding, acknowledgement and awareness of reality, we can be solid anything… Religion, “YouTube” becomes Key to our Everything…

Anyway, as I said, continue as you are, I digress… it’s a boring argument… take care I will hope for you them rascally Alien’s dont abduct you and do bad things to your bum…

Maybe worth considering


Disprove one shred of this Mantid ET security force ET on a hoverboard above MY house. To me, I think are are two different beings on that board.

Don’t just ignore this - zoom in - EVERYWHERE on it:

Otherwise you must be some deep troll paid to OBFUSCATE the ET REALITY topic.


You seem as if schizophrenic, maybe even a bit fanatical, are you under the age of 30?


Oh yeah, and TRY TO DISPROVE THIS ONE perfectly stunningly amazing totally obviously realistic video of their huge station observing us below.

Just your white plaintext is going to unravel all those billions of perfect pixels that spell the clear TRUTH??? NOT!!! The camera lens DOES NOT LIE, unlike you.


Sure is, just as “anonymous” has a real YouTube channel… lolol… whatever… cheers.


i am 27 and holding steady with my exceedingly sharp aware mind.