Evidence of Aliens!


Says it all… thanks…


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ill chime in here PMS i have seen and recorded the same thing over my house out in the middle of nowhere tons of times very strange indeed not a star and i have seen other strange things aswell …just thought id share that :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not Disagreeing with that… I should Clarify, that if there are Aliens, their not from Outer SPACE but Rather Inner space / Earth… which is 100% More likely and completely possible, PHYSICALLY (Proven Physics).

And MUCH more…

WE are not Being INVADED, We have always BEEN HERE…


some interesting stuff here cool to read i don’t do flat Earth or middle Earth really but i will never turn down an interesting read :sunglasses:


Well there is lots to READ :slight_smile: But also Consider ALL “planets” and Suns ARE Hollow… Otherwise they would FAIL to be (Exist)… Each Having a BLACK HOLE that vary from each another in a number of different ways, Some Stronger, some NOT at it’s Core…

Consider WE can NOT Dig to the Center of Earth because of the Gravitational Phenomena for Once we Reach the CENTER of the Gravitation Singularity that is at the CORE of its Crusts not the “Planet”, IT becomes Unsurpassable. It’s the Hole and this FIELD that allows EARTH and all other PLANETS to have their SHAPE and to form the CRUST or Surface and all that it’s made of from collapsing in to its center (The Hole), “Supper Nova”, or better becoming Atomized literally…(Imagine a statically charged balloon with Dust inside and out) you will notice the Dust sticks to the Balloon inside and out… the Surface of Any PLANET no different, EXACTLY the SAME thing literally, Hence “PLANETS” have an Inner Space… MOONS don’t.

So YES earth is HOLLOW, Yes at the Center the Eternal light, that is White NOT yellow. The Light a result of the Black Hole and “ITs” Singularity. YES there is an OPENING at Each End of the Planet, (exhaust ports), as there are on ALL Planets, Some that are Observable and others that are not, But ALL “PLANETS” have a Hollow… MOONS Don’t, MOONS are Solid to the Core, MOONS are not PLANETS.

Lastly EARTH is not FLAT, Yes Earth is Round but NOT nearly AS small as PROPAGATED… The Fact is EARTH as it’s known is Less then 1/4 of the whole… We can see “EARTH” as Flat because it is a SPOT on a Massive ball of ICE, “Water”, YES there are other locations on this PLANET that have LIFE, Not much different then what has been or will be here, AS all are from the SAME Record “WATER”, Family and Memory, However there are Differences of Environmental OPPORTUNITY, such as some are closer or Further from the Sun, At one time thought to be a total of 12 Family’s, Now We believe ONLY 3.

We have not been ABLE to explore these Distant “Lands” that are Divided by Grate Distances and Extremely HARSH Environments, some closer then others, but all to far to walk or survive or reach in a life time… We simply cant live long enough (This is not all about Age, but a whole different thread)… However that is not to say WE have not Established Communication, We are aware…

Anyway rather then getting deep in to it, just something to ponder…

In Antarctica the government is hiding secret ailens and other top secret stuff they don't want us to know

Sent by email, the entire video and unretouched photos of actual ETS on land here.


Please forward this sighting mega-close-encounter first to David Wilcock.

David, can you reply to the group here after seeing this stunning 5 minute

100% authentic real android camera glued to a binoculars footage; that

just obviously cannot be disputed. (attached) This is no CGI program that I or anyone

else wrote.

Also here: https://vimeo.com/search?q=starstation

as screenshot:

Also, Infocomms forums just sent me this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt58jHBHyv0

Could you or your team or everyone here join them together, I think perhaps

the close encounter with a glowing rainbow flaring ET City (that appears to be a

gold star when rising farther above Earth) one first followed by her equally riveting

speech to Trump video. I think this starstation in its normal mode is perhaps not as

far as the moon, but it also appears that it could be larger. Such things as hese gold

stars are there, and sometimes the ETs are so bold to come down so close…

i think perhaps no more than two moon legs above Earth is its usual orbital distance -

but that is only my estimation; but this particular night

it got bold enough to lower itself atop me (as it appeared to me), I suppose for

me to film it - because after an hour outside viewing it on the Android camera

screen, I felt it was so advanced and loving looking as to quite possibly keeping

a very close eye on everything below. If my Android lens could see it this clearly,

it had to also have the ability to see me quite clearly too; as it was so amazingly

and indeterminately advanced.

This appears to be the size of a small city perhaps. What do all of you individually

think? and perhaps dare I say collectively or unanimously think about it?

However, thank you David for leading with your analysis of it. Beautiful recent wedding

photos of you and your dynamite but still more lovely new wife. Thanks for sharing that

on your dwilcock.com blog.

To me they appear to be a powering loving class of beings; or whoever made that incredibly

massive and exquisitely beautiful mega-craft. My best guess is the Arcturians. WDYS? However,

this just might be an popular ET chain of Hilton class Interstellar mega cruise ships. Again, I think

we would all appreciate your expert analysis of this as well. I have to consider myself an

expert as I was there, and I saw it with my own eyes, and it appeared as a bright gold star

as if Jesus was being delivered back to Earth on such such a huge luxury liner… Well,

you can see for yourself. Also included here are other 100% real up close and friendly : )

ET photos of them, at least a half dozen different types, taking a keen interest in me,

and that was prior to this beautiful ET starstation video that 3-4 minutes of raw unmodified

footage in this 5:37sec attached video, this Majestic Rainbow framed looking CityInEarthOrbit.mp4

I love how the Purple is atop it… that would be the coolest place to have a Purple Party get-together.

Please share something worth more than gold, Truth.

Trump is going to be America’s first ET president as of this announcement of this GREAT TRUTH.

Best Wishes in humanity, spirit and blood,

-Lance Waters

GoldRainbowETStarStationCloseVisit-_20180803 fd1adfSA9b878741151e1595c4fdaade56de2c3_1_690x442


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