"Facebook encounters" - My prediction for facebook


I would like to call this feature “Facebook Encounters” or “FBEC”.

I guess they would probably just call it “Encounters”.

This is my prediction of a dreadful feature I believe Facebook will eventually embrace or come up with. I totally made this up but it seems like something that will happen sooner than later.

Anyways I called it if it ever goes down! :joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You know what? I could see that happening. Not only that, but I think there’d be public support. For example, the Mrs. goes to a particular cafeteria-style restaurant often, and is friends with one of the workers there. She was thinking about adding her on Facebook, but the worker ended up adding first. With this feature, she would have had the “impulse” to friend her.

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Oh yes you’re totally right. It’s pretty much exploitation of human nature if they did this. I can hardly believe its not already in use. It’s a great way for people to willingly sacrifice and forfeit their data of who they’re friends with in person or talk to locally and how often but even regardless of real friendship it’s about who you’re making contact with. They could make assumptions about actual friendship through reading your messaging on Facebook. You might friend request someone once however how often do you come in contact with them? That’s valuable information. It’s just a simple mind trick to get people to allow them selves to be tracked not only by GPS but whom you’re talking to and where at.

The government can go “hmmm… This guy has been communicating with this TYPE of person very often, let’s categorize him this way”, it’s mastering the human domain.

However there are two sides to every coin. So there is a positive side to all of this. It could create temporary unity. Let’s say you visit a Trump rally or the like a few times. You meet many like minded people. You friend request them. That’s unity and organization. However all they have to do is censor you. If you don’t redirect everyone to a website/bulletin type of thing then what good is it? Half the people wouldn’t even visit if you did. They think the entire internet is social media. For example many past Infowars viewers think Alex Jones is gone. They don’t know about his website or bother to search for it. It’s human nature. You have to tell them in person to visit Infowars.com, which I do. Censor the out spoken people and that’s it. We’re going to win this fight though.

I’m not trying to be negative here. Brilliant minds will prevail.

The human spirit that is filled with God CANNOT be mastered by any government. We will win this war!!!


@SpeakingSpirits, are you sure they don’t already have it? The answer is that there is so much we don’t know. But there is a lot we do know. They are doing all of those things already.

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  1. Lets, look at what you said and ‘deal with it’
  2. A phone has the capability of cracking other phones security and finding out who is around them, cops have this feature and there are weirdos in your Starbucs and even Chick-fil-A that I caught with wireless networks set up to fool people into logging in to them.
  3. Therefore, I believe your premise is correct, but hackers or google alphabet trained people are using this already and ‘deep state contacting’ people they see on the street. They don’t send anyone texts or calls but do get the cell numbers and information on the phone.
  4. We might as well think that there is no option for this or not, if a person has a phone, they get the ‘encounter’. Face book is deep state and does this crap anyway and doesn’t give a crap if they break the law or not.
  5. If face book and alphabet feel that it can break the law, why should we concern ourselves with them or their future?
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It’s tough to break the law when you are the law (or are at least perceived to be). And it has nothing to do with phone security, but rather voice recognition, or when you take out that device to scan a QR code for rewards, a quick look through the camera at who’s behind the counter. These are used by big tech to affect what you do. It’s one thing I happened to notice when travelling with the Mrs. a while back, I mentioned a song I hadn’t thought of in 10 years, and then when I looked at ScrewTube, it was a suggestion. So it happens at least for yourself and “friends” already. Search speeds are still a little slow for global voice or photo recognition, but it may only be a matter of time, especially if China’s the lab rat with their open air camera policing and social credit score.


If people really are serious about putting a stop to the actions of “big tech”, then start by not having a smartphone. Get a basic phone that doesn’t have internet. Start there and watch what happens.

Better yet, ban internet-connected phones and cars. Propose that and grab some popcorn, because it will turn into a freak show.

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It will be just like this soon if we don’t stop this:

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Unfortunately, we are already there. Those that want to profit off your digits have made sure of it.

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The sad thing is mobile phones without internet aren’t sold any longer. You can do your best by turning off data, wifi, and bluetooth, but other than that…


I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t doubt that. Even my phone does have an internet connection as a feature, but I have never used it, refuse to use it or pay for it. When I want to journey the interwebs, I use my pc.

This gives me some separation and I can manage the hardware and software on that pc. You can’t do that with a smartphone or tablet. This is the primary reason why the tech industry has moved to the “cloud” system and has pushed mobile so hard.

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I have Ubuntu and you can get out of these situations with your phones and computers. You can do many things. I should probably teach a class about it. We should be promoting hope concerning what can be done as opposed to what can’t be done. We can try to eliminate or at least minimize their control on us, their spying on us, their hacking, the back-doors, the embedded chips that you can remove and embedded programs that you can remove and you can replace operating systems and programs with better ones. There are so many things that we can do. Too often, we just cry about how everything is hopeless. But there is always hope.

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They have to test it somehow. It’ll be one time fees, and then in a few months, it’ll be rolled out to everyone.

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