Facebook Will Tell Your Friends When You Die


Wait a minute, Facebook, how did you know Ozema J. Harris died?

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…Public records.


Her phone heard her die and went into a tech information hub and alerted Facebook … Her turned off computer filmed it and also went straight into the hub… Facebook public constant search is quick, ect ect

They fucking know when you take a shit imo lol


What will happen to my Facebook account if I pass away?

You can choose to either appoint a legacy contact to look after your memorialized account or have your account permanently deleted from Facebook.

If you don’t choose to have your account permanently deleted, it will be memorialized if we become aware of your passing.



Although @memeart is correct that FB could acquire death information from public records, it appears that FB is really using family members to to report a member’s death.


… Need find someone with Facebook and “fake die” and see if Facebook marks them as dead soon after :joy:


Yeah, ironic how the stuff that is bad about Facebook is usually something the users agreed to do. The users complain their info is compromised when they are the ones providing all that data.

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Celebrities, etc?

But how do they know if a person really died? What if Michael Jackson faked his death and then came back? What if JFK Jr, who probably died assuming Hillary crashed his plane around 2000 to allow herself to win that race back then, what if he came back to life or never died? Would Facebook apologize for claiming they were dead when they were not dead? What if you wanted to keep your death private? Would Facebook honor that request?

General Names

If a Bob Smith died, then which Bob Smith Facebook account would turn into a legacy account, a memorial page? Many people have the same name as other people.

Joey Arnold

When you search “JOEY ARNOLD” on Facebook, you will see a list of hundreds of “Joey Arnold” accounts. I have searched other names. So, if your name was Joey Arnold and your Facebook page had no pictures, no avatar, no details, as many accounts don’t have or do have, how would Facebook connect a person’s public death with the right account assuming that the actual account is not connected at all? I have dozens of Facebook accounts. So, if I die, will they all turn into memorial pages?


What if I have accounts that are shared with family and friends, I mean accounts that multiple people have the password to so that if one person dies, then other people can continue the accounts? If I die, will they try to take away my business accounts (if I had them or do have them)? I don’t mean pages, groups, or events, but accounts (profiles).


I am just saying that it is extremely complex. I can talk for days about it. There are so many different factors to consider. It is a big puzzle.

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