Favorite pistols?


I know I’m gonna get some hate for this…I’m a Glock guy.
Owned/shot many different sidearms.
Recently acquired a G34.

What’s your favorite?


I’m good with a Beretta… :grin::+1:


Springfield 9mm is my gun. Tried my husbands sig and was not a fan.


Ruger LCP is pretty cool.


I know I’m gonna get some hate for this…I’m a Glock guy.

Oh no, someone likes well build pistols! We should send him hate for this!


Glock 21 gen 4 :us::us::us:


I have a .40 Taurus PT-100, basically the same as a S&W Berreta. I haven’t fired my 9mm S&W M&P Sheild yet. My wife likes her Glock.


The raging judge .410.45..454 revolver.


me personally i like .45s cuz if you happen to run out of rounds guess what you now have a club


Sig Sauer P226 Navy Seal Edition


Semi wad cutter SW .40 caliber rds inflicts the same permanent cavity as a .45 acp hollow-point. Ditch the club and get a 40… holds more rds and they’re less expensive.


My wife & i have matching S&W M&P Shields 9mm. Mine has a Techna Clip TechnaClip.com for CC. I can CC in any type of pants.


Any 1911 .45 caliber is the best however my favorite Kimber Eclipse Pro


Glock 45 milled with an RM06. Close to perfection.


My favorite pistol is.

The one in my hand…


S&W 460 with an 8"barrell.


Top response…hands down


I love my Taurus G2c


No Glock makes a good piece that’s for sure!
My personal favorites are a bit “Old School” But they work well for me.
The 1911 platform chambered in .45 acp is still my go to (Handgun). However I cut my teeth on wheel guns many, many years ago. Any K framed or L framed Smith & Wesson in a .357 magnum chambering works very well and is a proven Man Stopper!


IMO 1911’s are gay unless they are double stacked. Other wise why would I not get a High Point .45 that hold more rounds as signal stack.
Glocks are gay