Favorite pistols?


As long as it is a double stack


Well personally I’ve never needed a high capacity handgun. If I need High Capacity I break out a long gun of the appropriate caliber for the problem at hand.
A handgun is a SECONDARY weapon system not a PRIMARY.
In a confrontation on the street Tell me how many rounds (On Average) are used before the threat is down??
If ya don’t know the answer to that,You might want to go look that number up buddy.


No one needs a high capacity handgun… until they do


And im aware of the gay little 2-3 shot average… its gay


I dont have numbers on hand but more than likely most accident do not require the deployment of air bags… doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have um
And I get it, but I think when you consider that there are revolvers that fire better rounds and are more reliable it doesn’t seem worth the trade off unless you get a “large” round capacity out an auto loader


Well run along now Youngster, Everything seems to be Gay to you.
If you happen to survive your “First Encounter” perhaps you can come back and WOW us all.
For your sake I hope you never have to have that encounter but if you do,
Hopefully it won’t be up against some Old Well Seasoned Shooter who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing with that single stack or in some cases wheelgun who blows a hole through you before you can go rat-ta-tat -tat Lmao!!!


So you like 1911s… why would you not get a double Stack?