FEMA Region Button graphics



Started working on this before the FEMA categories were created on IWA. After seeing them popup, I had my S.O. quickly finish them. Orange pops out the best, IMHO.

FEMA Region buttons available for use by all on IW and IWA.

Vector graphics available (EPS) of these, so if you like a particular color or whatever, just let me know and I can blow up larger, change background, etc. Slight modification and these could be cool patches, or buttons. Maybe use them on the Infocomms website.




@VRfluxx - good work… I dig that…



Maybe link the (.Esp) file here by uploading it to a file server like dropbox which is very easy to set up, while also free. Once uploaded you could generate and post a download link.

Of course there are many alternatives to Dropbox but from past experience, it works efficiently.

This is only a suggestion of how to make the “vector” image available to all whom wish to download the “template”

Fantastic work, appreciated… :+1:

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Fixed a few things:

  • Backdrop’s are transparent on all gif’s. I couldn’t get the png’s in green/purple to save with transparent backdrop. Annoying as flip.

  • .ai and .eps files are availabe for 24 hours on file.io. It’s contained in a ZIP file archive. After that someone can share on a different dropbox account indefinitely.

  • Converted the fonts to objects. If you try to use Inkscape or some other vector file editor, it tries to substitute another font and looks like garbage.

  • straightened out some of the images a bit. CONUS only regions listed. (except HI)

zip file is here: https://file.io/UlYjnq

If top link doesn’t work, try this one -
1 week time frame expiry: https://file.io/26zBc5



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