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An Honest opinion. I Really do not like Racism, But I was astonished at the fact Wills whole show is racists, I am confused at how he refers to himself and others by racists terms and Slang… (“Black”), just because we are “BLACK” we can be racists unto “Black”… WTF?

Any person equated to a color is a shame… To me this is the most Basic form of Racism, I wonder why do they not refer to themselves as African American, or Jamaican, or East African, or Etc… Why a Fucking COLOR! Its RACIST! Alex and Owen Tend to do the SAME, Claim not to be racists but on a continuum use racists trams and language, thus are being racists.

Just my opinion… I would hope that in the near future we can see people of “color” better represent themselves and in a more proper manner, its almost offensive to me and I am European.

Honestly @Will If you get the chance to read this, I hope you can understanding what I am saying, Should we really perpetuate the Racism or End it, At ourselves before all others… Beyond that, I think you did a good job tonight… congrats…


While I enjoy Will’s enthusiasm for the cause, he is not very articulate with the way he speaks or explains viewpoints. I would agree with @Bingozee that he uses the “race card” quite a bit (which gets ultra annoying) and in my opinion he doesn’t even need to go that route.

My advice to Will, you are a great talent and I love you’re fire and enthusiasm, but Will must polish his delivery quite a bit more and I believe he could be a huge asset to infowars in the future.


will jonhson is like the male Candace ahaha why i laugh at this nonsense


I was waiting for that pin to pop! :rofl:


He uses it because it’s what the liberals use. It’s what he uses against them. It’s their kryptonite, and he knows it. By the way, he is black. I’m white. So what? You guys act like a bunch of pasty liberals a lot with your feelings and feminine opinions. He’s a grown ass man. He can do what he wants. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

@Will you did a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. Stick it to’em buddy.


Do you realize this makes Zero logical sense whatsoever ?

Again WTF are you talking about?

IS a Racists Statement, Thus you advocate for Racism and are a racist ?

Yes which is acting quite childish actually…

Agreed and no one said he couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Not a good attitude for something that is wholly depending on viewership… kinda counter productive no?.

Sorry I am asking as NONE of what you posted makes any sense whatsoever to me, almost as if a weak attempt to argue or have a frivolous debate, which my question is not intended, I am just asking how Racism is acceptable to any one ?


It’s not Racist to refer to yourself or others as White or Black. It’s rather Re****ed to suggest not calling someone African-American is Racist. Being non-PC doesn’t make you Racist.


Yes it is RACIST to equate some one to a COLOR… it is the MOST basic form of Racism…


No, he can’t be the male Candace. Candace never worked here. You don’t like her though?


I don’t Hate Africans because they’re Black.


It’s not an equation to color. It’s just easier than saying African this or European that.

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Whatever you say, to me it is Racist if not completely petty and pathetic… It is better to guess and be wrong about some ones ethnicity then equate them to a color or to be Resists.


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Liberal tears are flowing freely in your sphere.


I don’t know why you’d say that. I can see saying it’s not PC, but Racist is a stretch. Racism is about Hate over color. Identifying someone by their color isn’t Hatred. Are people that identify themselves as a color being Racist against themselves?


If you cannot see Candace is the female al shaprton I do not know what to tell you and clearly your ignorant of gamergate and how Candace is a failed leftists playing a role of a conservative

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I think so, I think any one who would insult their own Dignity by substituting their Ethnicity for color is a shame.

If we are being PC we would be calling it " colorism, Which is just another way of saying Racism.

I am European is much better then saying I am White. White says nothing about me but only reference to my skin color that should be irrelevant to any conversation. Where I come from, We don’t Equate people to a color if you know what I mean, As I stated initially by my opinion.

Racism, Racial Identity,and Skin Color Issues

SKIN COLOR ISSUES AND THE STRUGGLE FOR POSITIVE RACIAL IDENTITY, Skin color has presented complex, multi generational issues for many African Americans. In recent years, a number of authors and researchers have addressed this issue (Hall, 1992; Hughes & Hertel, 1990; Jackson & Greene, 2000; Neal &Wilson, 1989; Perkins, 1996; Russell, Wilson, & Hall, 1993; Tucker, 2000). Intheir classic studies of racial and skin color identification, Clark and Clark(1939) found that African American children of that generation often evalu-ated the color black and Black people less positively than the color white and White people. This finding causes considerable concern among African American parents to this day. Many Black parents have reported the upsetting experience of hearing their child say, “I wish I were White.” Such statements are understandably a source of much anxiety for these parents.

Discrimination based on skin color.

Racism has existed throughout human history.

It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human — because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes.

Why black people discriminate among ourselves: the toxic legacy of colorism

Make sense ?

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Racism or profiling?


Fire Power is pretty low energy, Will cannot carry a show, sorry he just cant, I fell asleep listening to this show tonight!


Can you please start a show and post it here?