Fireworks Between Owen and Savannah


Better than any reality boobtoob out there.

You guys need to go out on a date and live stream it.

Savannah - you are a real Wonder-Woman! Keep up the work fighting for the babies. If you can save one life, it is worth all of your effort. Proud of you!


It’s happening again! You guys need to go out on a date. I love the debates, they are some of the best TV I’ve seen in a while. You guys are funny!

Savannah - keep challenging Owen. People need to hear these kinds of debates to make up their own minds about what the media is telling them.


Savannah did not seem genuine in that segment. I think she tricked you again therecfem. Did Owen really say something wrong? I think she was pretending she was brain washed by very fake news.


Infowars or War Room?


Owen and Savanah are going to get married some day.


Savannah is smarter than Owen. :]


It’s really cool to see Savanah taking charge. She’s a talented busy person. She will be a force to recon with come 10 to 15 years. I have a feeling she will be a very powerful voice and many will know her by name.


Ha! 10 to 15 years, are you kidding? The woman is making waves right now! She doesn’t need to wait around for menopause to get better or more polished. The young can be just as powerful at changing the world as the old. She has guts/intelligence/charm and she seems to know how to use it. I also like that she is not afraid to confront anyone. Grit is the word. I didn’t mention that she has beauty on her side because that truly doesn’t matter - the inside is key!


Her confidence to me is what I see changing from when she stared. She will get stronger and more confident as time goes on. Glad she is on our side.


Speaking of Savanah. hahahaha


Are you attempting to make her look bad? I hope not and I did not assume you were.

You know, I see something in Savannah that most women do not have. She probably knows what I am talking about; so, it isn’t worth mentioning here. In any case, the girl has potential that I haven’t seen on live t.v. in years.

Also I suspect, given the unlikely scenario, half this country would have voted for Savannah over Hillary Clinton in 2016. I need to avoid gushing over any of the info wars crew, some may get the wrong idea here (shallow people seem to judge).

Therefore, I choose to “stay on the bag” and will throw one compliment in for Owen.

For you people out there that actually read those “dummy” books - the phrase “stay on the bag” is used in the sport “baseball;” a command from coach to player to remain on the base “bag,” which is in the “safe zone” and, thus, the player will not get thrown out of the inning by another player with a glove and a “baseball.” Yes, the name of the sport is the same name of the type of ball used in the sport - pretty cool huh? Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhcccccgggghhhhh - “Idiocracy.”

“Owen, Savannah is smarter than you.” Your play…


Where do you get these facts from? They seem of similar IQ to me but Owen has been through way more harassment and abuse of many kinds. Also, no dating at work. The teaming up makes for too much power in a small place.


These statements are not facts. They are O-pine-yawns!

Smart policy! Occasionally, God gets involved though and voilà - matchdotcom. :]


I will debate this opinion if needed:

Savannah is smarter than Owen. :]

Never date online. Ever.


Hey, I totally get you. I was simply making a fun quip about the chemistry on air that these two have and how it is better “acting” than any sitcom I’ve seen lately. They kinda remind me of Seinfeld for some reason, the humor that goes back and forth is rather refreshing.

If you want my personal O-pine-yawn, I think it would be wise for both of them to remain as professional as possible. We need clear heads to prevail and this is no time for love affairs in the trenches. Everyone who has ever worked in a professional office where two employees decide to fall in love knows that the office ends up in chaos nearly overnight. So, best policy is keep work at work and home at home.


AOC! You don’t happen to wear gorish red lipstick do you?


And, I’m burning the candle to boot?

I’ll play for five minutes then see ya!

Re: matchdotcom - It wasn’t a pick-up line, it was a joke! Matchdotcom owes me a million bucks for faithfully and gratefully and passionately serving my best “match.”


Exactly. It didn’t work and now you feel jipped.

No one is forcing you to communicate or talk. No one can control you.

I personally do not like lipstick or any Chinese imported toxic crap on animals including humans.


I love the Chinese people but I do not love their products. I love my husband too much and my boys almost as much. I love God less than I should. I fail at communicating His Word daily and that is my only regret today. That I wasn’t instrumental in helping another soul find freedom - I get to participate…like a waitress. But, I do not do the work. He does the work. I am not dis-abled, I am helped because I am weak. Weaker than any other time in my life. Have mercy AOC. :]


Savannah is a force to reckon with. But isn’t Owen already married?


Many Chinese people have helped me to some degree over the years but I have over paid my dues in Chinese food.

I know what you mean with the weak thing. The lack of real fast medical care since Obama has really taken a toll on me even though I strive for “Optimal Health” daily. With out an anti-inflammatory diet I would have passed years ago. I am really the one that needs mercy now. I was strong once, now I celebrate the surprise of life each day, and I am still harassed using my taxes almost each day and punished for things when I did nothing wrong.