Fireworks Between Owen and Savannah


joey the joker.


I’m a Philosophical Joker. There is truth in what I try to say. Yeah, I may fail at trying to say what I say. Savannah is on fire. Women, and especially wives, should aspire to be like her. That’s what I’m looking for.


Amen to that! I also stay away from “crack” sugar as much as humanely possible. A clean diet can elongate your life and I would debate that with any non-nutritional trained M.D. any day.

My only confession is that I have a weak spot for some Black Rifle Coffee, which I have been replacing as of late with matcha. Not to be rude to InfoWars and insult their famous coffee beans but BRCC seem to have their roasting technique down to a science and they provide enlightening comedy videos as a bonus offer.

I am sorry you feel weak but remember that when we are at our weakest point, that is when we are strongest. Bullying seriously sucks! Who is harassing you? Tell them to Bob Nehart “Stop it!”


AOC, you misunderstood me. The reason why matchdotcom owes me a million bucks is because it DID work! I am an anomaly in that sense. I am PRO-MARRIAGE/PR-LIFE/PRO-LIBERTY/PRO-TRUTH! :]


hahahahaha MY GOD… Why are you trying to say I am saying something I AM NOT?

Stop it.


@joey please explain why you like her comment.


I have a new person I will be ignoring on Infocomms. Hypersensitive fucking cunt.


I got two words and then will go back to being ignored…“eminence front”


@hxtr, cuz if I don’t, that makes me an evil white womanizing man, just kidding but that’s true, but I like that she is Wonder Woman and that she is pro this and pro that and a Neo in the Matrix perhaps, like an oatmeal in a bowl.


hahahahha I had respect for her as well being Wonder Woman. My mistake.

OK just checking bro. lol Carry on.


I also deserve to be called a “cunt.” I’ve acted that way in the past and have to fight against this kind of sin - using my wits to hurt with words. It is a horrible sin that I have repented more times than I am humbly willing to admit to - because I am not humble enough!


Talk to your god damn self Wonder Woman. NEVER PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH AGAIN.


Roger that! 20 characters :]


Let me get the quote… cunt.


You have me all fucking up in your thinking.


@hxtr is wrong. That was just a question, just like my question concerning going onto Mind Bender. A question is a question. You don’t have to attach so many assumptions and scary oatmeal onto it.


This is fun! I am starting to not like oatmeal for breakfast, no offense oatmeal.


Hxtr does not care. Apparently he is talking to children.


I will confess. Owen looks a lot better in a cow suit than Savannah. Sorry if I hurt your feelings Owen about your IQ.


I love matcha and would buy InfoWars matcha in bulk if the cart was working but does this mean that you met your husband years ago on match, have kids, and are pleased with the results? I know one other couple that is married with a couple kids from match but 10000s of horror stories and catfish. It is like a catfish playground targeting “single” moms out there.