First Look: Proposed Executive Order on Social Media Censorship


y Kelen McBreen | INFOWARS.COM Monday, August 12, 2019

A leaked draft of a White House executive order dealing with internet censorship reveals the plan to change the way the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the moderation of social media sites.

Leaked to CNN Business, the order would allow the FCC to oversee content moderation for websites like Facebook and Twitter.

I find it strange this would be leaked from the White House to CNN.


Strange? Your kidding right, have you not been paying attention? The man is surrounded by people that want to take him down.

I wish the article really got into detail on what exactly the government’s power could do.

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Take one look at who it’s from (and I don’t mean NewsWars). Of course they won’t.


LOL, sorry for not being clear.

It’s strange from the assumption that the White House is populated by supporters of the presidency, so why would a supporter of the president “leak” anything to CNN, a blatant anti-Trump outlet?

Obviously, it would be leaked by somebody trying to expose something or somebody or cast them in a negative light. And yes, we know not all staff members at the WH are loyal to the presidency, but they are supposed to be.

As far as any leak, not really sure what the leak does to incriminate. As you said, no details, very general stuff. I’m not sure what their point is.


Give it a few days and the it will be leaked to the public for sure


It’s also possible the “draft” isn’t even close to what it’s actually going to be, and was meant to throw off CNN.


Exactly, Maybe he leaked this on purpose to further expose the people behind it. Trump already has know for some time the people around him cannot be trusted.

Honetly, I dont know how has this not been done yet??! I would have been running a fake leak check a long time ago if I were him. Literally, a person-by-person material leak check, and literally expose each one, one-by-one, publicly and try them for their crimes.

How has this not been done yet??


Supposedly he’s been doing it quite a bit with “false intel”, and then figuring out who’s in common.

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