First Openly Gay Bishop Responds to United Methodist Church


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I mean no disrespect to those who are trying to be Christian, but it must be asked how long are the faithful going to continue to support these “churches”?

What I call “organized churchianity” are making a mockery of Christianity. From what I have read in the bible, there is no call for any organized churches/buildings. Men of commerce are the ones who have instituted these organizations, and I’d venture to say the Roman Catholic Church is the primary instigator from the beginning. They are the ones that got it started in the first and second centuries and the rest have followed suit over the centuries. Church is good business for those who run churches.

“Gay Christians”? That is absurd, to say the least. It spits in the face of the religion. Nowhere in the biblical text does it say to be a Christian and continue in your immoral ways. It clearly says for a believer to turn from their past sins.

A person who continues to live a life of sin is no Christian but a fraud as much as those religious organizations.