First-Time Gun Buyer Needs Recommendations


Hey Guys…

I’m here in Chicago and there is actually a good amount of Fake News with regards to the Gun Laws here. There are many, but the Citizens here can still get Firearms. Concealed Carry is on the books now, with a Permit of course. (There have been many Black Females taking advantage of this and with good reason) Most of the Gun Crime is in Black Neighborhoods on the Southside, and that Gun Crime stems from Gang Violence for the most part. (Illegal Guns)

I now have a house here on the Northside and want to Exercise my Second Amendment Right, protect My Family, Home & Business.

I’m looking to get a Handgun at first… and a good Concealed Carry holder.

I figured this is as good a place if not better to ask for Advise.

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One of the problems may be in the slippery slope found in regulations, in the red tape, in restricting law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearm which makes it tougher for those who may need the guns more so than criminals may need them.

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With the restrictions, I am still ready, willing & able.

I just need to figure out what to get at this point.

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Good thread! I was worried dialog in the other thread might get lost in the shuffle.

First time gun owner? I’m no expert, but I’d suggest something light and lower caliber till you get use to firing a handgun. You can carry a .44 Mag if you want, but it’s bulky and will kick like a pissed off mule.

Something along the lines of a 9mm or maybe a .40 cal. should be a great start.

And LOTS of range practice. Practice till you can load and unload, as well as break down the weapon blindfolded.


Awesome. I’ll definitely start out smaller, more simple. I’m hoping to start up 2 hobbies at my new house.

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Really like my S&W Shield 2.0. Great size for concealed carry with smoother contours that won’t dig into your side/back/stomach things like that. The newer 2.0 version has a much better grip than the original one. I chose 9mm also for the reduced kick and higher capacity.


Keep in mind that you don’t need “knockdown power” with a well placed round. So no need for a .45 size round.

Also really think it through from the mental aspect. Ask yourself if you really are prepared to not only pull your weapon, but are you willing to pull the trigger with lethal intent.

If you carry, better be prepared to kill with it.


Exactly. That is something a lot of people don’t really contemplate before carrying I think. If you pull your weapon, you better be ready and willing to actually use it.


Yep, excellent topic. I’m very fond of The Glocks. My first was the g19 which is a 9mm, I wanted something a bit smaller for my everyday carry and bought the g43 which is a very nice gun as well IMO. i’m a trim carpenter so it needed to be durable, and Glocks are mini tanks. They can take the sweat, dust, grime, things like that and that was a huge plus.

As I said earlier, I retired the 43 to the wife and I went with a Kimber 1911 Ultra Carry 2. That’s in .45 acp. It’s a smaller 1911. Shoots beautifully, perfect balance, expensive though. Just my two cents.

Whatever you get, I’ve found that getting a membership to a range, just bite the bullet so to speak, get it for a year, have it close by, and go shoot. You don’t have to put 500 rounds down range every time you go. I go at least 4 times a week, I always have ears, eyes, 3 mags and target ammo with me in my truck. I load three mags, get my target, shoot, leave. Takes maybe ten minutes tops. The point is, get comfortable with your gun. Quality time, I find after 30 or so rounds I’m not really focused anymore, at that point I’m just wasting ammo and playing around. I practice my draw and I am trying to get comfortable when I’m there, at least on those trips. I keep everything I need in my truck because if I’m in the area I stop and shoot.

Just some things that seem to help me, glad to hear that communist state is getting easier with concealed carry. Most of my family is from Oak Lawn. :slight_smile:


haha… I’m not looking for a Hand Cannon or a Boom Stick.

But as for pulling the trigger on a target,I guess we don’t know what
we are capable of until the time comes. I would say that if my Family (Wife or Son) were to
be in serious danger, my instincts could kick in.


Thanks. Great input…

The Ranges here are outside of the City of course. The Gangs get their shooting practice
out on the street, with young kids getting the stray bullets.

Side Note: Oak Park is a great area!



Chicago is not a Communist-Sate… It’s called Democratic Socialism. HA! (sarc)
There are at least 4 Alderman now sitting in on City Council. They wear those little Rose pins.


Man I haven’t been up there in probably 10 years (tennessee here) but I’m sure you got your hands full with the gangs on the south side now.

Well I take that back, got up there for a funeral about 5 years ago but it was a quick visit.

If people never been to Chicago it’s a interesting city. Especially if you’re from the south. Down here everyone is peppered together (at least Nashville area), up there it’s all broken into ethnic groups, blacks on the Southside but then it gets crazy and you have Spanish, Puerto Rician, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian. Irish, etc blocks. Really amazing/interesting . I’m sure New York is like that too… Sorry rambling! Good luck Boon, nice to make your acquaintance!


Lol. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


True Story… I do appreciate the Diversity up here. I myself am Half Mexican/White.
It’s the Group Think that kills me though. Diversity of Thought is where it’s at!


Hah! Well chit, get me talking about shootin, had to go!

As you can see, I still have a long way to go before I am any damn good (think that’s about 10 yards). Can not wait till I can finally shoot in my back yard. Baby steps!



I for sure won’t be able to shoot in my backyard here! hahaha…
They’ll throw my ass away for years!



This is one of the ones I own. It has become my personal carry. 16+1 capacity. Comes with 2 magazines. It is my suggestion that if you are new to this, then don’t go out and spend too much on something you may decide against later. All in all for a starter this is around $380-400. I hit what needs to be hit. Beware there is no safety on this firearm. The trigger device is around 8.5 lb pull. So that is considered a safety. Comes with a trigger lock. I love it.


Yessir!!! Practice, practice, practice. If you are new I would suggest practicing drawing your firearm with an unloaded weapon. Just so you can get the hang of trigger placement. Especially if you are going concealed. Lifting the shirt, grabbing the firearm needs to be a reflex action. Muscle memory is your friend. I have been using firearms since I was 5-6. Growing up in my house it was mandatory. Love this thread. HAHA!!


Most definitely. If you get a gun, you better practice. Last thing you want to get is shot with your own gun when someone snags it from ya!