Five MILLION Migrants coming to the US this year


Is 5 billion for only two hundred some odd miles of wall going to be enough to stop this invasion? Doubtful.


Yup, Told Alex about this 2 years ago… Now it is… Expected.

“Whenever the Trumpet that sounds the exodus is BLOWN the walls will cave in”.


Personally I don’t think that will be enough. What will discourage these Invaders from wanting to come across OUR BORDER and THREATEN OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND SOVERNIETY is going to require that we close the whole thing down and turn the security of the border over to The US Military!!
I would even go as far as to say (And yes I know I’ll get some backlash on this one)
Establish a twenty to thirty mile buffer zone on the Mexican side of the border. This has been done before and I personally think It’s High Time to put a stop to the madness on OUR BORDER.
Some will say, We can’t Invade another country!! REALLY? Their already invading ours folks and, They have been for years!!!
The economic cost to US TAXPAYERS is already staggering and only going to get worse. Not to mention the disease’s and drugs that are flowing across OUR BORDER!!
These people aren’t coming here for Freedom like they did all those years ago, No they are coming for Free Stuff!!! And personally I’m tired of having to pay for it!!!


Paladin when are those cops gonna come “deport” me?