You decide:

One spits on the flag, steps on the flag, desecrates the flag and hates the TRUTH that the flag represents:

The other begs the people who live under this flag to save them from violence so very far away:


You don’t have to like America, but you really should respect it and its Flag.


Offer them ( Chinese ) sanctuary at the least. We would love to have the American loving capitalist minded people here with us. Especially if they are Christians.

I would snap if someone started disrespecting our flag in front of me.

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I suspect he would and he will. This is obvious. He STILL DESERVES DUE PROCESS!
Yet, keep in mind, loss of self-control may be due to many factors. Our Veterans are TIRED of being insulted, spit on, hated, threatened, and egged on by weak people who know nothing about sacrifice. What if this guy just lost his best friend to suicide, another to drug overdose, lost his home, his wife, and maybe even his dog. Some people do not have a lot of reserves when they get overwhelmed with life’s hardships. I will be praying for him and his family/friends today. Lord have mercy on the family of the injured boy, help them to forgive and to see God in all of this mess. Help this Veteran to find TRUE help, a biblical counselor who doesn’t blow paid-psycho smoke up his ass all the time and tell him he needs SSRIs and more therapy.

He needs support and should ask for a lawyer like Robert Barnes:

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His lawyer already has his defense…

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I HATE these headlines. Sometimes I wonder if the whole story could be twisted. What if the boy pulled out a knife or gun? We only know one side. The way the article is written, it sounds like this fellow suffers from a form of schizophrenia but I need to stop speculating.


It gets weirder with time. Could those who hate Veterans be pushing a narrative to denigrate Veterans and make the public afraid of all Veterans? That is a sick sick agenda!


Not if I can help it.


You’ve heard of foreign exchange students, yes? Could we maybe exchange some of them for a few Hong Kong folk that have been waving our flag?


Lord, Bless Rob Roy beyond what he thinks is possible. Show him how beautiful he is to be helping Veterans. No greater love Lord, my KING!


Send me all the babies. I will open an orphanage and THAT IS NOT A JOKE! I’ve been praying for years for such acts of justice expressed by America. Let Christian churches (that aren’t associated with the PEDO networks) open orphanages and take N. Korean, Chinese, or any other babies that are meant for abortion. Take American babies meant for abortion. SAVE THEIR LIVES! Please Lord!

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