Flat-Earthers present?


If the Earth is a globe then how do Australians not fall off the bottom? Just kidding.

For real though if the Earth isn’t flat, explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLlNKy5j_O8

Also why has no-one ever been to ‘space’ (proven by the fact that all astronauts contradict one another about whether they can see stars or not)?


Also why did Neil deGrasse Tyson say authoritatively that the Earth “isn’t actually round, but shaped more like a pear”, yet all of NASA’s CGI pictures show a perfect sphere?

I’m not trolling.


Monty Python taught me the Earth is banana shaped.


Just gotta look at the satellite pictures and the earth looks round.


It’s actually flat/globe/dome/pear shaped and hollow… Just saying… :wink:


I like this woman’s videos… Not :100: sure I agree with everything in this video, but she presents some interesting content to mull over… Check out the age of deceit series too… it’s a 7 part series packed full of some crazy info…

In the video below:

12:00 mark for FLAT EARTH explanation…it’s not what you would think…:wink::+1:


We are in a realm…


Or you could call it a dimension… :wink:


Sure, if those are legit.

The first argument I posted proves it’s flat. The Chicago skyline cannot be filmed from that distance on a curved Earth and what’s the guy’s explanation? A mirage?


If one were so inclined :wink:


Baal earth…


You do also know that NASA has said themselves they edit the Earth pictures? One of them has been proven to have used the copy/paste tool to create dozens of identical clouds.



That’s a good start. Then you wanna consider this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmcwW-8CC6E


No medium for light to travel (vacuum) = no light


Are you arguing that space must be ‘something’ like an ether in order to propagate waves or trying to explain why stars can’t be seen in space?



That’s disinfo, because the same people (astronauts) who say you can’t see stars in space have supposedly (NASA) put telescopes into space for the precise reason of seeing more stars. Anyway if you watched the video of the phony astronauts you would’ve noticed some say you can see more stars than from Earth on any clear night, and others say it’s a suffocating unimaginable black.


I’m sorry, I’m not following what you’re saying.


Do you believe the Earth is flat or a sphere? (I’m agnostic about it because there are certain things that suggest it’s a sphere)