Flat-Earthers present?



I thought you were a genius Zuckerburger…

Alternative brain washing that has nice background music, calm NPR voices, and a few nuggets of truth if you listen closely. Also, a way to practice French daily if you take the time to listen (interviews are usually in French with English subtitles).


@ZarkMuckerberg, did you know the globe is tipped slightly which allows for more light near the top, around Antarctica? Have you ever seen a diagram of this? Do you understand that as the earth rotates, the top remains exposed to the sun as the earth is not perfectly straight / parallel with the sun but is rather slanted or tipped a bit at the top? You can do an experiment with a basketball and a flashlight and a marker in a dark room. Set up a flashlight to be the sun. Make a black mark for Antarctica on the basketball. Rotate the basketball around, keep it tipped a little. See if there is still light on that black dot on your basketball even as you spin and rotate the basketball.


That’s exactly the type of dumb shit NPCs use as an argument. That image is a conflation of models. The Flat Earth model is that of an enclosed system or an infinite level expanse, where the spheres/luminaries/lights you see in the sky are within that system or part of a dome/firmament. Nobody is suggesting the Earth is a flat square floating in space.


Aye, I’m aware there are supposed explanations for those things. I don’t focus too much on that aspect of the heliocentric model because it’s both hard to visualize mentally and moot.


So the flat earth idiots do not believe the Earth is actually physically flat?


Actually it’s more insane of a number than that. The ‘curve’ is 8 inches per mile squared, making a lighthouse at 42 miles supposedly 970 feet below what can be seen.


Let me explain it to you this way:

Flat Earthers believe the Earth is flat, but ENCLOSED, by most commonly theorized a ‘dome’. Like a petri dish. There may exist nothing outside of that petri dish and the stars that astronomers claim are trillions of miles away may be local/within the system. This would be consistent with why it seems man has never actually been into space.

Sphere Earthers/common people believe the Earth is a ball in an infinite vacuum (also impossible because that vacuum would strip our atmosphere away in a second).

So it’s a straw man to visualize the “flat Earth” within the heliocentric/space model.


One of my favorites:


Sorry my IQ only consists of three digits that joke is well beyond my understanding. :smile:


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With all of its problems, Ptolemy still offers a beautiful model in my O-pine-yawn.


@ZarkMuckerberg, you have never seen a basketball before?


Sure I have. But can you visualize that basketball with the appropriate tilt, wobble, and rotation to represent the Earth and then how it will be lit by a light source with respect to all that?


@ZarkMuckerberg, why not watch videos on YouTube that will show you just that? Are you afraid of watching videos? Are the videos going to slice your throat up? Are you scared of learning something? You wanna stay in the dark?


I love videos. Here’s a video that proves the Earth isn’t curved:


@ZarkMuckerberg, why are you racist against basketballs?


Orange Man Bad.​​​​​


@ZarkMuckerberg, have you seen videos showing a titled earth with light shinning on it?


@joey, you ever see that one where Buzz Aldrin tells a kid the moon landing never happened? I like that one.


My stepdad never said the earth was flat. He was an engineer for NASA. But he did say back around 1970 "Be careful what you and your friends say because their listening to you at the street corners, because they are listening to you. I thought what. He never said anything else. I did not say anything back but it was out of character for him to say that. It stuck with me all these years.