Flat-Earthers present?


I was a flatearther for a minute as I entertained the theory and I don’t mind considering that the earth could be hollow or not completely explored… or maybe not perfectly round or who knows what else.


I don’t think it’s either. I believe it is a realm or dimension as @MamaPotato said, where an individual’s soul is tested. That’s why I was confused by what you said because it seemed as though you were combining models/concepts. It happens no biggie


And the derailing has begun


Round if not the northern lights would be seen everywhere. The flat earth nonsense is a phyop! Peace


Incorrect. However knowing the shape of the earth doesn’t stop any pedos so it’s not that important.


No correct and death to pedos


2 words sun dial. Thats how you can find out!


That’s struck me as a possibility.


If its flat explain gravity.


They will say its magic or something. This debate is stupid. The stupidest debate on the earth


Nah there are models of FE that could explain northern lights. Not to mention solar/lunar eclipses make no sense whatsoever on the model that is given.


Vanishing point. Simple perspective. Again not a flat earther. Anti pedo earther


Looks like you already know. Do your own experiments sun dial my friend.


Gravity and flatness aren’t mutually exclusive. That Flat Earth Society shit is the psyop. Nobody who actually looks at it rationally is a part of that group. So, gravity could exist on a flat Earth.


Buoyancy … no need for gravity. A theory


Yes it could, however gravitational pull is increased by mass. So the largest amount of mass on a cylinder is the center so if you were away from center things would fall sideways. If you disagree explain how I’m wrong.


lol are you messing with me?

Explain to me why astronauts contradict one another about what they can see while in space.


So there is no possibility that you could be wrong huh? Arrogance and ignorance. I could be wrong fortunately the proof is right there. You f e’s just wanna fight that’s it. you ask for evidence you are shown then you say nah. Cool bro i get it


Could a flat earth be like a flat magnet?


Gamma behavior detected lol