Flat-Earthers present?


I posed the question/challenge initially right? So I would hope before people derail the thread they could address the thing.


You know you can just ignore certain folks right? Lol


What? Are you serious? What if our whole universe is but just 1 neuron firing off inside the brain of a giant penis with that’s permanently lodged inside it’s own ass? That’s how absurd the f e question is! God bless


So far I haven’t felt the need too. At least I haven’t got the “tHe EaRtH Is ClEaRlY rOuNd retard” yet.


No you haven’t but we all got the earth is flat idiot on here!


You basically have lol. It’s a wonder why people who disagree so strongly feel the need to participate. Why not just skip it? Reasonable people don’t come to threads they feel are ridiculous to spew hate. That makes a person pretty petty no?


What? That made no sense.


No hate just disagreement. Sun dial look it up.


Flat Earthers are the prostitutes of science with daddy issues. I’m not trying to mock them too severely and Alex Jones talked about it when he talked to Eddie Bravo on Joe Rogan about how people can go crazy when they are lied to again and again about many things. Your brain gets tricked into thinking everything is a lie. Not everything is a lie and there are levels, degrees, variations, to everything. But we should always try to rescued them like that man rescue Julia Roberts in that movie where she was a prostitute.


Hahahhaah. Okay but explain this:


Is the earth hollow?


So your not going to explain how I’m wrong?


Yeah I have an engineering degree. Summa cum laude. Lol you?


If you can’t concede that this:

proves that astronauts are actors who have never been to space, then, you have a long way to go.


Gotcha just another troll who acts like they wanna debate. But the truth is you just wanna spew bs.


Amen to that! You nailed it science does get things wrong time to time. That doesn’t mean everything’s is wrong. My concern is that if one is willing to believe the e is f( not gonna actually say the term) one might believe pedophilia is a medical condition or sexual preference and not a crime. These people are dug in though. Even if you do get through to one of them they would never admit it. Imagine the humiliation. I’m saying god bless that’s my point. Peace


Better get a refund! Lol


In the video, some might have said the sunshine blocks our ability to see the stars when in space during the day, facing the sun. Some people may have said the opposite. Well, you can see the moon during the day. You can see the morning star during the day.


Furthermore doesn’t Alex always talk about Media Matters and bullshit places like that editing videos out of context to make him look like an idiot but you’re going to find a video on YouTube and believe it wholeheartedly you are a clown. I can’t believe we’re disputing something that was proven wrong with 500 years ago. Society Has Fallen✌


Haha beta response is beta. Admit I’m your intellectual superior