Flat-Earthers present?


Pale blue dot. Science a candle in the dark. Carl Sagen. Really good books


They may have lost some of the video tapes as they returned back to earth from the moon. So, they may have had actors record a fake filming of being on the moon but on earth assuming they lost the original film while coming back down as it is very hot. That does not mean everything is fake.


I had heard of the original films were damaged due to radiation. I would believe that the Matrix is real before I ever believe the Earth is flat.


I’m a troll who doesn’t want to debate? I gave you a video to watch and refute. If you don’t wish to do that then you’re the one spewing bs, not me.


Wrong. All the telemetry data (like 6 tonnes worth) was recorded over to save money. That was NASA’s official answer. So they couldn’t have been damaged.


Because that’s exactly how you Flat Earth trolls operate. Somebody asks you a question and you instantly pivot to ask them a question about something completely different.
Leftists do the same damn thing.

I’m asking you to debate a force that is exerted to every man woman animal insect on this planet send it has begun. Something that every person has experience. Instead you want to Pivot to a video that neither of us can vouch for the authenticity of it.


I literally posted the question in the first post of the thread LOL.


And I wasn’t talking about the telemetry data there you go pivoting again I was talking about the footage the moon footage


Henceforce I’m just gonna conceptually mark your posts ‘comedy’.


Nobody in good faith is a flat-earther, but you can choose to believe whatever you want, or at least pretend to believe it for the sake of refuting the concept of a non-subjective truth.


Okay cyberpunkspike so how do you explain compilation of NASA astronauts making repeated contradictions? I’m not a Flat-Earther, I just have questions, and I find it interesting of how sacred a cow it is to some. People get angry because they’re defending something. They NEED to believe the Earth is a ball, and science is legit.


Can any Baal earther disprove the 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball from the above video? Asking for a friend :wink:


If your life depended on anything that required the earth to be round to work as engineered, suddenly you’d be a believer. It just so happens most of us don’t need to actually know if the earth is round, for what we normally do.

How do I explain contradictions in statements? Happens all the time in court, the human mind is not a perfect instrument.


Engineers who build and plan railroads, along with airline pilots, never factor in the curve of the Earth.


@ZarkMuckerberg, are you ignoring what I said about the radiated film that they probably had to reshoot on earth as opposed to on the moon, assuming those things happened in that order or even at all in the first place?


If nobody needs the earth to be round, then you only could prove the truth was worthless to know.

It wouldn’t make the two positions equivalent, nor would it answer the question. Though curvature is a consideration in near-field and deep space radio transmissions.




I want to start a GoFundMe for the flat-earthers send their asses up in space so they can just see it. So they can tell all their little clown trolls what they seen. The funniest part is their brethren would accuse them of being paid off. Hahaha


Nobody can convince anyone of anything they refuse to be convinced of, if anything they certainly proved that.


Oh I missed that. I think it’s more likely they never went at all. There are clips of NASA scientists talking about how they NOW have to figure out how to get through the Van Allen belts, when supposedly they did it 50 years ago. There’s an astronaut who said “I’d go back to the moon in a nano-second… the problem is we don’t have that technology anymore… we destroyed it and it’s a painful process to build it back”. Pure lies.