Flat-Earthers present?


Don Pettit. NASA’s oldest active astronaut


They can say it is hard to get through the belt but that doesn’t mean they didn’t just like how Obama said it is hard for Africans to have AC and yet they do which means it doesn’t matter if something is hard as that doesn’t make it impossible.


I personally think if they released a hoax to throw off the soviets, they likely still got to the moon soonish afterwards.



Also Eddie Bravo (who I don’t like much otherwise) destroyed Owen and Lee Ann in an FE debate.


Why can’t we leave the curvature or lack their off for people who actually need to know it? I see no evidence of interests that would benefit from a flat earth, excluding postmodernists who wish to deny the existence of non-subjective truth.

This isn’t about if the earth is flat or not, it never was, this is about the power of obfuscatory propaganda. It’s also a social experiment to see how many people are easily manipulated contrarians.


I think its also about galvanizing power. See the way people react when its even brought up.


Did anyone bother watching the video I posted?? Good grief…


Actually most Flat-Earthers are Christian. They quote the part about the ‘firmament’ and how the Earth was said to be ‘immovable’ or something. If the Earth is is flat and enclosed with a dome, that necessitates a god.




Many videos I’d watch, this one I won’t dignify with my time, mostly because we have no interests who’d benefit lying to us.


Your loss in ignorance then… Carry on then :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


What loss? that’s my point, what loss?


Obviously none since you’re content in ignorance…


Learn to pick issues that have the citizens interests at stake, as of now I see no reason to distrust the institutions on this issue.

Matter of fact, why not try and do as I’ve done… learn when interests would actually benefit from misleading you, so you know when you’re intentionally getting dragged in a pile of propaganda.



My bad… Like I said carry on…


Ever since the mind benders I can’t help but read your posts with a southern accent lol


They see two different things because they are eating weird vegetables they grew in that space garden in the ship.


@R_total369 lol that’s funny :joy::rofl:


So it seems no-one here is interested in a serious conversation on the matter, for not one person has offered an explanation as to why ‘astronauts’ report polar opposite things from ‘space’, or why the Earth must be flat or must be a sphere.


Scientists report polar opposite things relating to evolution, young earth creation, the big bang, etc, etc. Therefore, by the logic of @ZarkMuckerberg, we could conclude that we are fake just as much as space is fake if we all can come up with different opinions, facts, responses, answers, comments, etc, on our origins, where we are from, the age of the earth, etc.