Flat-Earthers present?


@joey That is not a fair comparison. You’re talking about theories with thousand of different questions within each one.

I’m talking seeing stars while in space. Should be a “yes” or “no”. One astronaut says the sky is ten times as bright as a lightless Arizona night, and another astronaut says it’s “blacker than black”, like a void that the colour black doesn’t even do justice.


It is possible that those quotes were taken out of context and it is also possible that some of them misspoke, lied, and/or were sincerely saying what they thought was true. It is possible that all of these things can be at least partly true depending where you are specifically in space as the details can determine different outcomes as it is not that simple of a yes or no. It depends on many many factors.


No, @joey, I am not stupid enough to present you evidence that is invalid dude to any possible contexts. The video I linked (I believe that’s the best one, I might see if I can find a better one), shows astronauts specifically saying they cannot see stars in space, and you have others saying you can see stars even on the daytime side of the Earth from the ISS. Did you see the two ‘astronauts’ at the beginning, when they were asked via letter (supposedly) if they can see the stars? What ensued was pure ad lib. Don Petit on the right looks to the astronaut on his right for a lead on where they’re going with the answer, then it’s just pure make-believe.


Here’s also some catches of ISS people using CGI/augmented reality.

(One at 4:49 is the best where he literally puts nothing into some kind of compartment.)


The earth is flat. Very flat. The globe is fiction.


Why would the earth be flat if all the planets are round?


I don’t know what round has to do with sphere. We got a genius on our hands here.


No, for real. The earth is flat and covered in a dome. And the stars and planets are just lights in the ceiling. But, really, don’t take my word for it.


Well I will be humble. Round sphere, they are not flat. So why would are earth be flat? The satalites have a lot of pictures They orbit around the earth. The pictures show the earth as round or sphere. Where do you get sphere from?


Prove that any image from “space” is real


If the pics are not real then why sphere?


In song form, https://youtu.be/bS4jPjs6JPw


Baal… look into it


That’s a fallacious argument to make. “Just because everything I see is [this], I must to be [this].”

Further, is the moon really a sphere? It’s so odd to me how the moon rotates in such a way to ever show us only once ‘face’… even though there are varying angles of perspective on the Earth.

There’s also research about sonar luminescence, how scientists can create “a star in a jar”, and it looks just like what we call stars. That would suggest there really are “waters above” and it’s not just a void like NASA tells us.


Also the fact that the moon never moves closer or farther away is kinda weird


I went sailing the other day and…


How do you know the scientists are right.
Maybe some of these scientists are outright lying to get an article written or get some kind of prize for the latest discovery.
Maybe they are way off in their calculations. I have heard that some scientists say the universe is not as old as they thought. Then there is Pluto Scientists called it a planet then other scientists said its not a planet so they compromised and called it a dwarf planet. Then there is Hawkings who said everything is made from nothing. Don’t know what Hawkings was on when he said that.


There are waters above. Then above that past what their theory calls our universe is heaven.


There ain’t know four, five six dimensions either that’s a crock. There is three dimensions. Ours the universe then above that heaven. Hel is inside the earth. Our bodies protect us from the ghosts" spirits, wickedness in higher places in our dimension.


@ZarkMuckerberg, what does your video prove? So, allegedly, perhaps, different people say different things. So, could they all be wrong and/or right? Does this irony mean the earth is flat or that the stars are fake or what? Are you saying that NASA may lie about things and which things? I don’t know what the video proves. I don’t see anything in the video because it lacks context.