Flat-Earthers present?


I’m looking out my living room window right now, and nothing looks flat to me …
I could provide a pic, if need be


So the earth is flat because astronauts disagree?

Maybe NASA should be questioned for fraud because astronauts act high on drugs when they talk about space in public but does is it really evidence for flat earth?


No, not flat Earth. It’s proves they haven’t been into space at least half of much as they say. I suspect we can’t get into ‘space’, for whatever reason. Scientists in the 60s were saying the same thing, that you’d need like a rocket the size of the Empire State Building with five feet thick walls to protect from the radiation. Seems those scientists were just plain wrong though! :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel this way about about everything in life. Saying that, please remember; you can’t always make a Hoe a Housewife*


Check this out: Look at the sheer amount of stars:

You have some of the most popular astronauts (Apollo crew) saying there are no stars in space. (You can’t see any.)


@ZarkMuckerberg Remember Buzz Aldrin punch that dude in the face. God Bless America!! USA! USA! USA!


Buzz Aldrin also admitted to an 8-year-old girl that we never went to the moon:

The man is a fucking lunatic.


That’s the best part, Brutha!! Buzz is savage. Idgaf. Thankful for the lie. Show how much cooler we are to the rest of the players in the cold war.


Proof the Earth is flat?


I love flat earthers. They are not only fun but creative. Some are bit cooky but most are just wanting to know the truth and feel deceived by BigNASA.

I hope the public regains trust in our leading scientific organizations. Some used to hold to a strict standard of Christian-based ethics but many have lost their first love.

Whether the earth is flat or not, leaders continue to distort scientific progress and deceive the public for sordid gain. This is the real crime!


I wasn’t sure if everyone knew this or not. But the Earth is round and flat.


That’s the moon, silly.


Some of them are merely gullible and fall into the rabbit hole never to climb out, but most of them are very level-headed. Jeranism and Eric Dubay aren’t too bad as far as Youtube flat-Earth personalities. The whole topic has been subverted by infighting and clique activity it seems.

Science has shifted from encouraging skepticism/scrutiny, to encouraging dogma/authority. Many scientists who have attempted to publish papers on climate change and so forth have come forward about it.

One thing the mockers (of which there are many - for such a “retarded idea” there sure is a lot of concerted pushback…) do is to label flat-Earthers “anti-science”. Science IS questioning though. I am engaging in science when I say “wait a minute… if the Earth were curved at 8 inches per mile squared… how is it I can see that boat 10 miles away?”


Sounds like Christianity Zark.

Totally quotable


I propose a live televised debate between a selection of a few respected/vetted flat earthers against NASA loud pieces like Neil deGrasse Tyson. He has nothing better to do. After all, there are only so many kids movies a man can do. I don’t want to make fun of Tyson and men like Bill Nye because I actually feel sorry for them.


If I believed in “flat earth”, and I believed the meteorologist was lying, and the news clip was a farce, I would get in contact with another flat-earther (or someone interested in the debate) who could go to that same shore night after night to certify Chicago’s skyline is not “normally” visible there (it shouldn’t be hard to find a few nights wherein those “special” conditions are not taking place).


I have done Video Teleconferences with engineers in northern Alaska in the winter at 2:00pm their time and it is literally pitch black outside. Really, people aren’t lying when they say the sun doesn’t come up it some places there. How would that happen if the Earth was flat and not on a axis turning like a globe?

Answer: It wouldn’t!!!


Leviticus, I like you more knowing you hang with enginerds.


Neil deGrasse Tyson! I would hope the first question for him would be “you remember how you said the Earth isn’t really a sphere at all? I think you said… ‘oblate’ but shaped somewhat like a ‘pear’… how come all of the NASA Earth selfies show a perfect sphere?”

Bill Nye and Neil are like the priests of Scientism.


Zark, thank you for saving me from a cat fight somewhere else. I needed an excuse to bow out gracefully.

Perhaps he would reply that all NASA pics are CGI so we just need to talk to the photo editors and fix that. It’s really no problem at all!


I have met Neil deGrasse Tyson. He seems very smart. I wish I had his IQ!